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Baby Birds

Baby Birds

By Jeffrey Rich

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Rock-a-bye baby- in the treetop. From the first tiny crack in the eggshell to the fledgling's first breathless journey in flight, bird expert Jeffrey Rich gives us a rare and beautiful glimpse inside the nests of an astonishing variety of baby birds. Featuring a wealth of information for birders and amateurs alike, this appealing collection reveals a world that few people will ever get close enough to see. Rich's love of his subject is evident in every shot of downy feathers, big bright eyes, or hungry open beaks. On every page he gives us a heartfelt vision of life renewed as just one of the many miracles of nature. A must for lovers of birds and babies both.

Capture the spirit of the West in the palm of your hand. Each book in the Look West Series presents in words and pictures a unique aspect of the American West.

Baby Birds
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