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Buffalo Book
Bison with Sound Set

By Win Blevins

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Their scientific name is bison...but to most Americans these huge brown beasts are buffalo. Touch them, smell them, hear them, learn their secrets, and ride spellbound among them in Win Blevins' masterly portrait of the greatest North American mammal, which includes buffalo history, biology, and folklore. The buffalo is the embodiment of the wild and woolly West, radiating raw power, mystery, danger, and vulnerability. Revered by Native Americans, it was hunted almost to extinction. Yet the buffalo endured. Today many herds thrive in Canada and the United States, and even pure white buffalo calves, rarest of the rare, continue to be born.

Capture the spirit of the West in the palm of your hand. Each book in the Look West Series presents in words and pictures a unique aspect of the American West.

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