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Secrets of the
Stone Tablets
In Search of Montezuma's Treasure
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Preview this outstanding new historical DVD!

- Real Life Treasure Hunters -
- Historically accurate information -
- New theories -
- Newly discovered ancient ruins, symbols and artifacts -

In Search of Montezuma's Treasure - Secrets of the Stone Tablets is an amazing journey into one family's quest to decipher and locate the hidden secrets of the Peralta Stone Tablets.

In 1964, Life Magazine printed an article on these perplexing rock maps that were found just outside the "Superstition Mountains" in Apache Junction, Arizona. They were rumored to be linked to the world famous mines of "The Lost Dutchman," Jacob Walsch, and the Don Miguel Peralta family. Historians, mathematicians, scholars, and archaeologists have attempted to unlock the mysteries of the stone tablets, but only Raymond Dillman has been able to translate the maps and prove that they do lead to ancient sites throughout the southwest, dating back as far as 2000 years.

In 1982, Dillman followed the cryptic information on the stone maps to a canyon in southern Utah. Here, Dillman found that the symbols from the maps were carved throughout the canyon. The owner of the canyon allowed Dillman to investigate further only after signing a contract that would further add to this adventure. Upon digging, the quest continued to grow.

Dillman and his team found crypts with human remains, clay pots filled with precious metals, ancient stone tools, and a large sacrificial stone similar to those of the Aztecs in Mexico City. But the most incredible discovery of all was yet another Stone Tablet, which may lead to the lost treasures of Montezuma!

Instructive, informative, and enlightening - A must for educational curriculums of all levels!
Historically accurate with profound new theories. - New clues to the mysteries surrounding Montezuma's treasures. With 3D animated reenactments, a treasure story everyone will love!

DVD 78 min English Full Screen

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