Lizards for Lunch

Lizards for Lunch

A Roadrunner's Tale

By Conrad J. Storad
Illustrated by Beth Neely and Don Rantz

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The roadrunner is the world's fastest-running flying bird. It prefers running to flying. The speedy birds have been clocked zipping across the desert at speeds up to 15 miles per hour. Roadrunners also have excellent eyesight. They can spot a lizard skittering towards rocks yards away while watching an enemy hawk circling overhead.

Lizards for Lunch - A Roadrunner's Tale provides a glimpse of the world as it is known to the speedy roadrunner. Far from the cartoon character many people are familiar with, the life and habits (eating and otherwise) of the roadrunner are accurately depicted in this book through witty rhymes and fantastically vibrant illustrations. You will see something new each time you venture into this book and into the roadrunner's world. And you will gain an appreciation for not having the uncertain life of a lizard, or as the roadrunner would see you—as lunch!