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The largest cliff dwelling in the Southwest, Cliff Palace is found in Mesa Verde National Park. These cliff dwellings were built during the Great Pueblo Period that occurred between 1100-1200 A.D.

Frosted with fresh snow, Monument Valley is the sacred home of the Navajo Indians. It is a land of solitude and austere beauty with only an icy breeze to break the silence. This is a high desert environment relatively unspoiled and traditionally inhabited by the Navajo for many generations.

Outlined against a cobalt blue sky, the stark sandstone pillars of Park Avenue glow in a winter sunset. Arches National Park is a vast collection of towering spires, sheer cliffs, balanced rocks and spectacular arches. It is a place where the power of time continually reshapes these stone relics - grain by grain, bit by bit…

Saguaros and sunsets are probably the two things most identifiable with Arizona. Visitors travel to the Southwest just to witness one evening of radiant sun rays reflecting off a brilliant sky high-lighting 150-year-old saguaro cacti. Experiencing an Arizona sunset at Saguaro National Park is a sight to be remembered.

Years ago, Red Rock Crossing was the place to ford oak Creek. Now, it is just a memory of days past and the real beauty of this area remains unchanged. An inspiring combination of an azure blue sky and the richness of red rocks intensifies the purity of a Sedona day along this creek.

High on the Ajo Mountain Drive, one can discover a cooler environ-ment than along the valleys and bajadas of the lower elevations. If the Sonoran Desert receives the ideal amount of rainfall during certain months of the year, Arch Canyon becomes carpeted by a showy display of Mexican poppies.

One of the most picturesque places on earth, Monument Valley has been evolving for more than 25 million years. This is how long it took the elements to erode different rock layers until reaching the red-orange sandstone of the Permian Period. It is a land of solitude with only a breeze to break the silence.

On a rocky hillside near the Pecos River, Pecos Ruins still stand. This dwelling was constructed by the Puebloan settlers in 800 A.D. Over the centuries, the pueblo grew to nearly 700 rooms and housed over 1500 Indians. They were among the first North Americans to be visited by the conquistador, Francisco Vasquez de Coronado.

The Colorado River flows within an immense tableland of brightly colored rock. For approximately 186 miles, the sapphire blue water of Lake Powell extends into hundreds of hidden side canyons of this plateau. Boaters can explore coves, cruise through sheer-walled waterways, dock at remote beaches and bask in the freedom this recreational area unleashes.

As clouds linger from a passing storm, rust-colored buckwheat enhances this high Sierra Country. It is a land that conservationist John Muir frequented when seeking solitude and the opportunity to be in touch with nature. Today, the John Muir Wilderness encompasses 584,000 acres and extends more than 30 miles along the crest of the Sierra Nevada Range.

Framed by fall foliage, White House Ruins within Canyon de Chelly radiates a warmth in the late afternoon. Steep-walled, overhanging canyons sheltered prehistoric Pueblo Indians for about one thousand years. Perched on high ledges, these dwellings were built in multi-levels. The Navajo called these ruins -- Kinii'Na'igai -- White House in between.

Wind sculptured sand dunes west of Yuma extend across the arid desert landscape for almost 40 miles. Located along the Arizona/California border, these dune fields are also known as the Sand Hills. Ripples in the dunes possess ever-changing patterns and are a result of continual turbulent air sweeping above the sand surfaces.

The tower at Desert View stands as a sentinel on the rim of the Grand Canyon. It serves as a beacon from which to experience a land of majestic beauty that stretches endlessly in every direction. The famous Watchtower was built in 1933 as an observation station and provides an exceptional view of the Canyon.

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