Prickly Pear Nectar 12 oz.

100% Prickly Pear Concentrate. No sugar added.

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12 oz Bottle Prickly Pear Nectar

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Ingredients: Prickly Pear Juice & Pulp, malic acid.

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The juice contains no preservatives, so it needs to be refrigerated after opening. If you don't plan to use it all in a two to three weeks, we recommend you freeze it into ice cubes for future use.

Serving size 1 teaspoon (5g) Serving per 12 oz. container 72, Calories 0, Total Fat 0g, Sodium 0mg, Total Carbohydrate 0g, Protein 0g, Vitamin C. 70% (percent Daily values are based on a 2000 calorie diet)

Shelf life for unopened bottles 9 to 12 months.


Medical Interest in the Prickly Pear Plant

The prickly pear plant (also called nopal or nopalitos in Spanish) and the prickly pear cactus fruit (also known as tuna in Spanish) is an edible nutritious and delicious food offering vitamins, minerals and medicinal properties. Researchers are using the prickly pear juice, produced by Arizona Cactus Ranch in Southern Arizona, for their studies, because it is pure.

Pascua Yaqui Tribe in Tucson Arizona uses Arizona Cactus Ranch Prickly Pear Nectar in their Alternative Medicine Diabetic Preventive Program since 1997.

Prickly pear extract has also been shown to reduce the severity and occurrence of hangovers if taken in advance of drinking. Nausea, dry mouth, appetite loss, and alcohol-related inflammation were all reduced in test subjects who ingested prickly pear extract 5 hours prior to drinking*. You can make your own tests and see if it works for you, which is the only test that really counts.

*(Source: Jeff Wiese; Steve McPherson; Michelle C. Odden; Michael G. Shlipak, Effect of Opuntia ficus indica on Symptoms of the Alcohol Hangover, Archives of Internal Medicine, Jun 2004; 164: 1334 - 1340.)

How to Make Your Own Prickly Pear Tea

You can add one teaspoon of Prickly Pear Nectar to tea (hot or cold) to make Prickly Pear Tea. You can also take by adding one teaspoon of Prickly Pear Nectar to 8 oz. of water, juice or take it concentrated.  No Sugar added!  100% Organic.


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