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Gold Panning is Easy
Book and Gold pan set.

Price 14.95

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Item - 9099

by Roy Lagal


Set Includes

  • Gold
  • Gold Pan

You can find Gold..... Believe it!! (DesertUSA did!! We started DesertUSA because of trips to the desert exploring and gold prospecting.)

Anyone can use a pan to recover gold from mountain streams, desert arroyos or wherever it awaits you. Roy Lagal, who has spent a lifetime finding gold, tells just how easy it is.

Take your next vacation in beautiful gold country. Follow the simple illustrated instructions in this book. You are certain to enjoy the glorious outdoors. And, you may experience the thrill of a lifetime as you find gold of a color of your very own.

Also, learn how to use metal detetors that can make discovering gold nuggets as easy as finding coins in the park.

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