Aquis Bath Essentials for Body: Bath Towels and Wash Cloths

Aquis® Essentials provides the most effective microfiber body towels for use at home, the spa, sports or travel. Every Aquis towel is made from a unique Aquitex® microfiber, an ingenious innovation that instantly soaks up water on contact. We love them here at DesertUSA. Remarkably Aquis Towels are lightweight and luxuriously soft. Aquis towels are amazingly gentle on skin because their super-absorbency allows you to softly blot yourself dry. Give Aquis Towels a try today. You will love them.


  1. Aquis Body Towels
    Aquis Body Towel - 29 x 55 inches
    Item 302w - In Stock: Ships Next Business Day Body Towels are discontinued by Aquis. Once sold out we will not be getting more.
    Price: $35.00
    Lightweight absorbent towel dries quickly - great for home, camping and travel. Choose from three soft tones. Read reviews...

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Reviews for Aquis Essentials for the Body


Truly Excellent! - Dem Schaefer - Bellevue, WA
These towels are terrific - they are soft, absorbent, compact, lightweight, and dry quickly. They are great for home, camping, travel. I highly recommend them.

reduces allergens Kate Mushinsky Williamsburg, VA I live in the southeastern US, where levels of humidity run 70% and above a great deal of the time. This area also has one of the highest rates of upper respiratory conditions in the country. My allergist recommended many things to cut down on exacerbating factors, but on my own found that fast-drying Aquis bath towels help reduce moisture in the air and discourage the growth of molds that contribute to my symptoms. Thanks, Aquis!

A Blessing - Grand Blanc, MI
The body towel was just the answer to my husband's problem of handling the weight of a typical bath towel. A recent quadripalegic, with the ability to lift limited weight, my husband is able to handle the Aquis towels because they are super lightweight and absorbant. I use the hairtowels and love those equally as well.

Great towels - Katie - south pasadena
I have used the towels for years to dry my hair because I never use a hair dryer. Now I'm getting my son to use them!

Aquis Rocks - Rose - Mystic, CT
These towels are absolutely worth every penny! A while ago, Bath & Body Works used to carry these towels, where i worked at the time and so i bought one and as soon as i wrapped my naked body around the towel i fell in love and will never buy anything else. i bought about eight of them.

super absorbant - mary jura - greenwich ct
i have tried one of your towels. i never had a towel that dried so quickly. i may buy a longer one online before winter. i hate being cold after a shower in the winter. these things are amazing!

The Bomb - Alisohn Thompson - Novi, MI
These towels are the best you will ever find. They're very light weight and they dry you off as soon as they touch you. I have been using them for years and I'm glad I found them here at Marathon Books/DesertUSA. I sweat a lot so I decided to buy their sweat bands and the work great I am ordering more. They shipped my order really fast. I ordered on the 4th of July and I recieved my order on the 7th of July, from California to Michigan that was really great for them to get my order to me so quickly.

Aquis Waffle Weave Body Towel

Love it - Marge - Nampa, Idaho
I will never go back to cotton towels again. I still wonder how a fiber that is not cotton could be so very soft and absorbent. This towel is a generous size, soft and absorbent. An absolute pleasure to use. If you are considering a microfiber towel, the waffle weave is far superior than the plain weave Aquis towels (I have both). I wish it came in more colors.

It's great! - Di - Underwood, WA
I DO WISH the waffle weave came in more colors!!! If it did, I would use them in my home bathrooms. I enjoy using these towels for my swim workouts - great absorption without the bulk. I have both the smooth and the waffle weave towels, and both are great, but the smooth takes up less room in my crowded bag.

So Pleased! - Naomi - Lubbock, TX
I am so happy to finally find a bath towel that lives up to my expectations! I am allergic to cotton and have been searching for a towel that would absorb without making me break out in hives!! You sould make other products for use around the home! Thank you!