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Resurrection Plant

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Item - Resurrection

Time Lapse of plant over 6 hours

When the soil becomes moist after the rain, the Resurrection Plant absorbs water and grows rapidly. It produces a flat rosette of scaly stems up to one foot across. As the soil dries, it cannot store water like a succulent, so it folds up its stems into a tight ball, dries up, and goes into a state of dormancy. The folded plant has a limited surface area and conserves what little moisture is present. All metabolic functions are reduced to a bare minimum and the plant appears to be dead. It can remain dormant for years. When rain returns, the plant unfolds and growth resumes. If you wish you can let it dry up and then return it to water. The plant will come to life over and over again. Perfect for anyone who does not always remember to water their house plants.

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