Lady Bug 2, Garden Art 3.5 inches tall by Ricardo Breceda

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Along with his massive 3D sculptures, Ricardo makes metal wall art as well, like this Lady Bug Garden Art. Every piece is handcrafted.



More about Ricardo.......Over 125 life-size metallic sculptures are scattered over three non-contiguous square miles of Borrego Valley surrounded by the immense Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Sculptor Ricardo Breceda’s “Sky Art” is the perfect blend of stunning craftsmanship and placement in open desert landscape. Sculptures have evolved into whim and fantasy – something for everyone on this large desert palette. Startling and stunning as these imaginative sculptures are, they beg a story of how they came to be. In ten short years following a devastating accident, Breceda has become a famous artist featured on public television and in news media, in magazines and on global blogs. He is an artist for children of all ages. Sculptures include Plio-Pleistocene animals that once roamed this desert, Spanish explorers, bighorn sheep and dinosaurs.


Lady bug adds charm and personality to your garden.


Dimensions: 3 - 4.5 inches Wide x 3.5 inches Tall. Each Lady Bug is unique.