1. Peregrine Falcon Beanbag Toy
    Peregrine Falcon Beanbag Toy with Authentic Sound
    6 inch bird of prey beanbag marvel is a perfect replica of the original species in the way it looks and sounds. Peregrine Falcon's design and detailing is the result of input from Audubon. Authentic sound has been provided by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and represents hours, months and years of extensive fieldwork conducted by expert recordists.
  2. Stuffed Bison
    Bison Stuffed Animal with Sound
    Cute stuffed bison toy with sound! 6 inch $9.98 ea
  3. Cody Coyote Stuffed Animal Toy
    Cody Coyote
    Cody Coyote with bright bandana, 12 inch, looking up at the sky.
  4. Stuffed Tarantula Toy
    Tarantula Stuffed Animal Toy
    12 inch stuffed tarantula toy with bright orange stripes.
  5. Stuffed Scorpion Toy
    Stuffed Scorpion Toy
    12 inch cute stuffed Scorpion toy complete with legs, tail and pincers!
  6. Stuffed Prairie Dog Toy
    Stuffed Prairie Dog Toy
    8 inch cozy stuffed Prairie Dog. Prairie Dogs are the most social members of the Squirrel Family and are closely related to ground squirrels, chipmunks and marmots.
  7. Brighton Horse Stuffed Animal Toy
    Brighton Horse Stuffed Animal Toy
    6 inch stuffed Horse. Brighton is a charmer with a white spot on his forehead, fuzzy coat and mane and tail flying in the wind.
  8. Dusty the Stuffed Desert Tortoise Puppet
    Dusty the Stuffed Desert Tortoise Puppet
    9 inch stuffed Desert Tortoise puppet. Ready for your desert tales, slip this puppet on your hand and play some games!
  9. Desert Tortoise Stuffed Animal on the Move
    Stuffed Desert Tortoise on the Move
    8 inch stuffed Desert Tortoise is on the move!