Aquis Bath Essentials for Hair: Hair Towels, Turbans and Spa Hairband

Aquis® Essentials provides the most effective microfiber hair towels for use at home, the spa, sports or travel. Every Aquis towel is made from a unique Aquitex® microfiber, an ingenious innovation that instantly soaks up water on contact. We love them here at DesertUSA. Remarkably Aquis Towels are lightweight and luxuriously soft. Aquis towels are amazingly gentle on hair and skin because their super-absorbency allows you to softly blot yourself dry. Give Aquis Towels a try today. You will love them.


  1. Aquis Hair Towels
    Aquis Hair Towel - 19 x 39 inches
    Was: $21.99
    Price: $17.99
    You save: $4.00
    Elegant hair towel dries thick hair fast and easily wraps into a turban. Choose from three soft tones. Read reviews...

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  2. Aquis Long Hair Towel
    Aquis Microfiber Long Hair Towel 18 x 44 inches
    Was: $21.85
    Price: $19.85
    You save: $3.00
    Extra long length for very long hair, same great fabric, same great drying ability. Read reviews...

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  3. Aquis Hair Turbans
    Aquis Hair Turban
    Was: $21.99
    Price: $17.99
    You save: $4.00
    Soft absorbent, easy to use hair turban dries hair while keeping it from dripping down your back. Just lean over, slip your hair into the long curved shape, twist, twist and button! Read reviews...

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Reviews for Aquis Hair Essentials


The Best - Lisa - Maine
I have had this towel for almost two years and won't go anywhere without it. I am actually asking for a second one for Christmas for the days when it is in the laundry. I travel a lot and I finally have started bringing my own towel because hotel towels just weren't drying my hair. I really would highly recommend this, especially to people with long or thick hair.

One is Not Enough - Susan - Evergreen, CO
I've had my Aquis hair towel for 10 years and it's still going strong. I use it daily. As I travel a lot, I need a second, just for part of my travel gear -- only this time is a distinct color (not white) so I don't have to guard it against hotel staff who might gather it with the hotel bath towels. It dramatically cuts down drying time for my thick hair and it wraps/tucks so easily into a turban. Definitely on my list of lifetime best purchases. I'm lost without it.

Fabulous Product! - Lisa - Fort Worth, TX
The Aquis hair towel is everything it is advertised to be. The towel dries hair to the perfect dryness for blow dry styles. This towel is much higher quality than a similar product from Victorias Secret, even though the price is about the same.

Love it! - Cali - Santa Clara, CA
This towel is the best ever and definitely worth the money! My friend has one and it is the most absorbent hair towel I have ever used, so I am gonna buy my own. I had the towel on my head for five minutes and it really did cut my drying time by at least half if not more!!

awesome buy - Tasha Jamison - Salisbury, MD
I have used this towel for 11 years. Just last year I got a new one and while on my honeymoon it was lost by the hotel. I was devistated. Fortunately my new husband knew how important this item was to me and searched online to replace it. Those few months without the towel were horrible and I never realized how much the towel really helped me get ready in the morning. Once you buy one you will never want to use a regular towel again.

Wonderful - Molly - New York, NY
I've had my hair towel for years. My Mom has one and I even bought one for my brother for Christmas. We all love our towels. It dries your hair so fast and the towel itself does not stay wet like regular towels. I couldn't be happier.

Absolutely phenomenal - J Wright - Cincinnati, OH
Have had this towel through 3 kids and 10 years! Cannot say enough about it. My daughters and I fight over who can use it! Plan on buying at least 2 more and 1 for our future dog addition!

LOVE IT! - Sue Novak - Land O'Lakes, FL
It might seem strange to love a towel but I've had mine for over 14 years and get nervous if it's not on its rack. I wouldn't even travel without it. It absorbs the best, wraps the best and is not bulky like an ordinary towel. I'm finally going to breakdown and buy a new one.

love it - Oilaan Yuen - Mülheim, Germany
Hi, I live in Germany and have had this towel for over 12 years it still is in good condition and I just love it, the way it dries my hair, wraps my hair and how small it folds when I take it with me. I use it for travelling and sport mostly. I didnt know, that this towel is still on the market, I was so happy to find it in the internet.

fantastic - WENDY BARRETT
I purchased my 2 hairtowels 15or 18years ago from Grace Bros in Sydney I have just thought recently maybe it's time for a couple more ...altho having said that I feel sure that my treasures still have a lot of mileage in them still.

soft luxurious - Cynthia - Alhambra, California
I just received my Aquis hairtowels, one weave and one nonweave. Both are nice, but the weave, is especially soft, absorbent and so nice to feel on my skin. I have short hair and it shortens my blowdryer time. I am going to purchase the washcloth and the bathtowel. I am also using the nonweave towel to dry my little Bichon Frise-Princess, after her bath. It is great. Thanks for such a nice product.

this is awesome - Dani - Dallas,Texas
this are so cool! my friend has two of these and she always lets me use one when i go over! they like make your hair dry faster! these are totally awesome!

Aquis Hair Turban

The Best! - Susan - Kauai, HI
I have owned many of these "twirlie towel" type products. This is my last one - it's fabulous and dries the hair so much faster. The cotton ones (which I thought I would prefer) yellow, stay wet forever and soak up moisture from the hair and become soaked themselves. Try it, you'll like it!

GREAT WRAP - cheryl - roanoke rapids, nc
I HIGHLY recommend this wrap to anyone....i got one last year for christmas and have really enjoyed it... the one i have is still in great shape but looking for another so i would have 2 ask for one for christmas and got a wrap but some cheap mess that aint worth it...NO COMPARISON...

Great Product, Worth the $$$ - Deanna - Texas
Don't accept any substitutions, because the cheaper ones only get wet and do not draw moisture from your hair. This is a great towel and worth the money. I've owned 2 and about to order some as gifts.

LOVE IT!! - Stacey - New York
There is no other towel on the market as good as this one. I received a "bogus" one for my birthday, after LOSING my Aquis, and I HATE the new one. Worth the price!!

Not beaten - Stacy - Garland, Texas
I have had one of these for 5 or 6 years now and wouldn't use anything else. I even take it with me when I travel. You can't go wrong with this hair towel. It is without a doubt the best.

absolutely superior-
Jude Ehrsam - Toledo, OH
I have been using the product for at least 6 years. I have just now worn out my second one and I am ordering the 3rd. They have gotten me through very long and and very short hair and I must say there is nothing to compare. I too travel with mine. Would not leave home without it. I was in a panic as my usual retailer stopped carrying the product. I am so grateful to have found it. You cannot go wrong with this product.