Chakra Stones & Smudge Cleansing Kit

Stones can be used to balance chakra energies.

Many people believe that wearing stones, or carrying them in day to day life, can help heal mental, emotional, physical, or psychical problems.

Placement on chakra points or pulse points on the body is thought to have a direct impact on energy fields. Find out more about healing with crystals here. Find out about the history of smudging here, and how to smudge here.


  1. Chakra Stones
    Chakra Stones and Smudge Cleansing Kit - 14 Pieces
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    • 💎 14 Piece Chakra & Cleansing Kit contains: Set of 8 chakra crystal stones: 1. Red Jasper 2. Carnelian 3. Tiger’s Eye 4. Green Aventurine 5. Rose Quartz 6. Sodalite 7. Amethyst and 8. Howlite. 3 inch stick of Selenite, Selenite Worry Stone, Amethyst Crystals on Basalt, Quartz Point, Rough Rose Quartz & Cleansing Sage. ✅ Felt bag for Chakra stones storage ☑️ Inserts About the Chakra Stones, Placement and Sage Cleansing Instructions


Smudge to clarify energies.

Smudging can be a very effective way to feel more comfortable about, and in your environment, and even in your own being. Many people choose to smudge after illnesses, arguments or disruptive people have visited the house or if they are feeling stuck in their life in some way. Some like to smudge periodically, near turns of the year, like equinoxes and solstices, or full or dark moons, or even once a week.

About Chakras

Chakras were first postulated by early Hindu culture as part of a theory of a subtle body that supports and sustains the physical self. Seven main chakras are positioned along the spine, from the base to the top of the head. These spheres of energy are each thought to control different qualities from successful adaptation to earthly life, to life force, to a sense of purpose and personal identity, to unconditional love and peace, to expression and speaking truth, to inner guidance, and finally to cosmic consciousness.