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Gold Hunters Guide for the 21st Century

eBook Gold HunterguideGold fever has stricken thousands of men and women over the years. The most significant and debilitating bout occurred in 1849 after gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill the previous year. This event led to the California Gold Rush, a time when gold fever plagued even the most innocent and content of men.

This book was written to make the reader aware of the many opportunities available to obtain gold at a low cost. It must be remembered however, gold, like opportunity, is where you find it. Finding is going to take work. This book will tell where gold may be and how to look for it. It cannot pinpoint its location nor can it tell you every detail. It is a guide to help you find gold. It covers buying gold, recovering gold through recycling, rediscovery of gold and how to discover new gold. $4.99

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