Moroccan Fossils

From the Moroccan Desert - Mosasaur

60 Million Years in the Sand

This is a nice large tooth from a Mosasaur, still in the matrix or rock. Mosasaur was a marine reptile with four large paddles and a large, powerful tail. It had a loosely hinged jaw which allowed it to swallow its prey almost whole. Mosasaurs lived about 65-85 million years ago.


Fossil Mosasaur Tooth in Matrix
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You can also get the teeth in a reconstructed Mosasaur jaw, with 100% authentic Mosasaur teeth. The jawbone has been sculpted using fossilized bone, and then the teeth have been placed in their positions. As part of the preparation and preservation process, sand is mixed with a hardening liquid and the jaws are reassembled as they would have been naturally found.

Reconstructed Mosasaur jaw

Fossil Small Jaw Reconstructed with Stand
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Mosasaurs Jaw

Mosasaur's Large Jaw

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