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Horse/Feather Coaster Set

Kokopelli Flat Coaster Set

4 Coasters + Holder

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Personal Care and Healing

Gift Pack
Earth & Sea Abalone Shell & Mini white sage + Ceremonial Mix 2oz bag




By Lawrence W. Cheek

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Just who was this prehistoric pied piper? About 1,500 years ago, the hunchbacked flute-playing figure we call Kokopelli first appeared in North American rock art. Today he decorates everything from jewelry to potholders. Whether originally he was a deity, a trickster, a wandering Casanova, a fertility symbol, or just a traveling salesman carrying goods on his back, there's no doubt he got around. Kokopelli shows up in rock and ceramic art all across the Southwest-even as far north as the Canadian Rockies. Stories of insect-like, fun-loving flute players abound in Pueblo traditions. He seems to have served many cultures, including our own. One thing is clear, however: much of what we think we know about the humpbacked figure known today as "Kokopelli" is based on a modern misunderstanding.


How Indians Used Desert Plants

By James W. Cornett

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This full-color, 64 page book contains information on 15 common desert plants. Each plant is represented by a full-color picture with a full page of text describing the plant and how it was used by the Native Americans. The book is 9x6 and contains an index.

Pewter Kokopelli
Pewter Kokopelli

Pewter Kokopelli
on Amethyst Base

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Item: 630a

Beautiful rendition of this classic desert figure, pewter Kokopelli dances and plays atop a lovely, large piece of amethyst.

Size: 4 inches X 3 Inches
Kokopelli alone is 2 inches X 1 5/8 Inches

Pewter Kokopelli is mounted on a large piece of amethyst. The clear stand is attached the bottom of the amethyst. Makes a lovely addition to any collection.

Kokopelli Pendants

Sterling Silver Kokopelli Pendant

Kokopelli earrings are sterling silver with post backs. Approx. 5/8" tall.

Kokopelli Earings

Kokopelli earrings are sterling silver with post backs. Approx. 5/8" tall.

Sterling Silver Kokopelli Earrings

Price: $14.95
Item: 9316
Sterling Silver Earrings with post backs.
Approximately 5/8 inches tall.

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Geronimo Book

Geronimo: His Own StoryGeronimo: His Own Story

The autobiography of a Great Patriot Warrior
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"I am thankful that the President of the United States has given me permission to tell my story. I hope that he and those in authority under him will read my story and judge whether my people have been rightly treated." -- Geronimo

this book contains one of the most extraordinary and invaluable documents in the annals of Native American history -- the authentic testament of a remarkable "war shaman" who for several years held off both Mexico and the United States in fierce defense of Apache lands. During 1905 and 1906, Geronimo, the legendary Apache warrior and honorary war chief, dictated his story through a native interpreter to S.M. Barret, then superintendent of schools in Lawton, Oklahoma. As Geronimo was then a prisoner of war, Barrett had made appeals all the way up the chain of command to President Teddy Roosevelt for permission to record the words of the "Indian Outlaw." Geronimo came to each interview knowing exactly what he wanted to cover, beginning with his telling of the Apache creation story. When, at the end of the first session, Barrett posed a question, the only answer he received was a pronouncement --"Write what I have spoken."

Now Geronimo's narrative, with S.M. Barrett's original commentary, has been set in historical perspective by Frederick Turner's new introduction on the latest scholarship about the period. These elements combine in Geroniomo: His Own Story to provide unique insights into the beliefs, customs, and way of life of a remarkable man and his people.

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Geronimo's Story of His Life (Annotated) [Kindle Format]

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