13000mAh USB portable phone charger

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Quick overview
Charge your phone, Portable Power Bank. Large 13000 mAh Battery with solar panel. Free Shipping

Forgot to charge your phone? Your dog is waiting for his walk, you have lots of calls to make and you have to check on your investments. No problem. Just grab your charger, plug it into your phone with your USB cable, put it in your pocket and off you go. The dog's happy, your phone has power, and you're in touch with the world.

Shockproof, Dustproof, Water Resistant - Charge it by USB input: Micro USB or iPhone lighting port. Keep it charged by sunlight when offgrid. More power to charge to largers smartphone whose battery are 2750 mAh or more. Power when and where you need it.


--Energy-saving Solar Panel Battery Charger
--Useful Clip to attach to Backpack or Purse
--Light displays charge level of device
--Small LED light for emergencies and SOS setting
--Safety, Stability, Long Life
--Dual USB charger, supports mobile phones, iPads, tablets, GoPro cameras etc.
--Capacity: 13000mAh
--Input: Micro USB 5V=1A and iPhone Lighting port; Output: USB 5V/2=1A
--Input cord for charging the charger through the Micro USB included with Lighting port converted
--Charge Time: 6-7 Hours with Micro USB input. Solar charging is slower than electrical charging, best used where there isn't a power outlet available.


You can also charge it by placing it in the sun as a back up. Solar charging is slower than electrical charging, it's best used where there isn't a power outlet available.

Connect your phone's USB cable to the USB port of the Portable Smartphone Charger to charge your phone. The Micro USB cable supplied, is to be used to charge the battery. It can also be converted to be used with some phones using the supplied connector tips. Comes with a Neoprene bag for storage.