Thirstystone Coasters

Sets of 4 coasters all come with their own holder. Holder is shown here.

Thirstystone Resources, Inc. is the industry-leading manufacturer of beautiful, functionally absorbent, decorative coasters.

They are best known for their Thirstystone line of coasters made of 100% natural sandstone. Thirstystone, Ambiance, Occasions and Carsters coasters are all printed and packaged in the USA. They come with a natural cork backing.


  1. Thirstystone Car Coasters, Set of Two
    Thirstystone Car Coasters, "Handsome Pair ~ Life Is Simple" Set of Two
    Handsome Pair ~ Life is Simple
    Set of two absorbent beverage coasters for your car. Two fingertip grips for easy removal from cup holder. Fits most vehicles' drink holders. Printed and packaged in the USA. Each coaster measures 2.5 inches in diameter.


Thirstystone Sandstone

Thirstystone sandstone is quarried using the most environmentally conscious methods to extract huge sandstone boulders that are crafted into Thirstystone coasters.

The sandstone boulders are core drilled using a large bit that extracts approximately 120 round stone cores from each boulder. Every usable portion of the boulder is utilized, leaving the original stone resembling a honeycomb. Any leftover stone is crushed and sent to landfills to help them manage their waste. The sandstone cores are sliced into disks and sent to the Sanding and Set Making departments where the edges are sanded smooth and the stones are sorted into matching sets.

"No two sets of coasters are exactly alike!"

The coasters are transported to Thirstystone’s production facility in Texas where some are made into sets, letting the beauty of the natural stone speak for itself, while others are printed with the best full color artwork available today, using a proprietary printing technology developed by Thirstystone. This unique process allows Thirstystone to recreate even the most detailed works of art while still preserving the absorbency of the natural stone.