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Jay W Sharp


Jay W. Sharp holds a BA degree in Arts & Sciences from University of Texas at Austin. He has published more than 400 articles and several thousand photographs in regional and national popular publications as well as in scholarly journals, focusing primarily on natural history, pre-history, history and travel. He won the International Regional Magazine Association award for Historic Feature in 1998. In 1999, he published a book, Texas Unexplained (now available as an e-book), for Texas Parks & Wildlife.

He has served as editor for two popular magazines and two scholarly journals. In addition, he has written some 250 documentary motion pictures, including a top-ranked outdoor documentary television series that ran for three years in markets across the nation. He also won several awards for his motion picture work. He speaks at various organizations, and he has held top offices in the Texas Archaeological Society, the Houston Archaeological Society, the El Paso Archaeological Society and the Dona Ana Archaeological Society.

In his professional career, Mr. Sharp worked in the Gemini and Apollo manned space flight programs, the maritime industry and the energy industry. He has traveled in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Scandinavia, Western Europe, Algeria, Colombia, Trinidad and Bermuda. He presently produces free-lance articles and photographs for three Southwest publications and, occasionally, other publications.

Some of his DesertUSA articles

Rio Grande Cottonwood - DesertUSA
... of Southwestern streams and rivers can now be regarded as a metaphor for our relentless abuse of the environment of the desert Southwest. Jay W. Sharp ...

Apache Woman
Profile Of An Apache Woman Jay W. Sharp. If the Apache man defined the image of the warrior, raider and master tracker in the mystique of our western deserts, ...

Hovenweep - Mysterious Towers - DesertUSA
Text and photos by Jay W. Sharp. In the high desert country which straddles the border between southeastern Utah and southwestern Colorado, the Hovenweep ...

DesertUSA - Buffalo Soldiers
by Jay W. Sharp. Buffalo Soldier in field. Black troopers, usually under the command of white officers, marched westward in the decades immediately following ...

Navajo Blankets
DesertUSA - The Ultimate Desert Resource Navajo Blankets and Weavings By Jay W. Sharp. Navajo weaver working at vertical loom. Like the paintings ...

By Jay W. Sharp. My wife, Martha, and I discovered the music of the mariachi in a small café just off the central plaza in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, one ...

The Anasazi - DesertUSA
... the architecture and construction of the Anasazi at the pinnacle of their history. The Anasazi part 2 Community Planners, Architects and Builders. Jay W. Sharp ...

Organ Mountains in New Mexico
by Jay W. Sharp. The Organ Mountains, a small and rugged 9000-foot high, 32 million-year-old range in south-central New Mexico just east of Las Cruces, have ...

Comanche War Trail - DesertUSA
Text and Photos by Jay W. Sharp. When fall came, the cloud of fear – always present – darkened; and towns, villages, haciendas and ranchos of the Mexican ...

The mysteries of Paquime - DesertUSA
Text and Photos Jay W. Sharp. "It was a dark and stormy night," Charles Schulz's Snoopy used to say every time he sat down on his doghouse roof to write a ...

The Athapaskan Speakers
At the same time, another commander, Albert W. Pheiffer, led some 100 troopers into another branch of the canyon system, said Locke. .... Jay W. Sharp ...

Mangas Coloradas - DesertUSA
by Jay Sharp. Mangas Coloradas - US Public Domain Photo. "Men, that old murderer has got away from every soldier command and has left a trail of blood for ...

The Desert Route To California
By Jay W. Sharp. The desert route to California emerged piecemeal, segment by segment, in the mid-19th century, when hundreds of thousands of Americans, ...

About Honeybees - DesertUSA
DesertUSA Honeybees. The Anatomy of a Honeybee by Jay W. Sharp. Anatomy of a Honeybee · Life cycle of a honey bee, and how a queen is born ...

Carpenter Bees - wood boring bees - Carpenter Bee Damage ...
by Jay W. Sharp. The carpenter bee ranks as an important pollinator of the flowering plants, particularly those with large open fragrant blooms. Diligently ...

DesertUSA Wild Horses and Burros
DeserrUSA Wild Horses & Burros Living Symbols Of The Historic And Pioneer Spirit Of The West by Jay W. Sharp. Desert News » Wild Horse/Burro · Madeleine ...

The Sacred Datura - DesertUSA
By Jay W. Sharp. Related article: Jimson Weed, Genus Datura. The white and lavender-tinted, trumpet-shaped bloom of the Sacred Datura promises a fairyland ...

The Honey Bee Life Cycle - DesertUSA
DesertUSA Honeybees. The Honey Bee Life Cycle by Jay W. Sharp. Anatomy of a Honeybee · Life cycle of a honey bee, and how a queen is born · The worker ...




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