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This page is designed to help you identify desert wildflowers by color, scientific name, region and common name. Click on the color listed below, to view the wildflower pictures sorted by color. Get the Desert Wildflowers ebook for your Kindle or iPad.


Color Key Index

Purple & Blue Flowers | Pink, Red, & Orange Flowers
Yellow & Gold Flowers | White Flowers | Guide
What's Blooming Now

Blue and Purple Wildflowers

Coulter's Lupine/Desert Lupine - Lupinus sparsiflorus
Sand Verbena - Abronia villosa
Mojave Aster - Xylorhiza tortifolia
Desert Willow - Chilopsis linearis
Blue Phacelia - Phacelia distans
Desert Lavender - Hyptis emoryi
Indigo Bush - Psorothamnus fremontii
Smoke Tree - Psorothamnus spinosus
Spanish Needles - Palafoxia arida
- Salvia columbariae
Filaree Storksbill - Erodium cicutarium
Bigelow's Monkey Flower - Mimulus bigelovii

Pink, Red, & Orange Flowers

Ocotillo - Fonquieria splendens
Englemann Hedgehog / Strawberry Cactus - Echinocereus engelmannii
Beavertail Cactus - Opuntia basilaris
Fairy Duster - Calliandra eriophylla
Desert Globemallow - Sphaeralcea ambigua
Desert Paintbrush - Castilleja chromosa
Chuparosa - Beloperone californica
Desert Five-Spot - Malvastrum rotundifolium
Pincushion Cactus / Fishhook Cactus - Mammillaria microcarpa
Desert Mariposa Lily - Calochortus kennedyi
Winged Dock - Rumex venosus

Yellow & Gold Flowers

Creosote Bush - Larrea tridentata
Brittlebush - Encelia farinosa
Cinchweed - Pectis papposa
Desert Sunflower - Gerea canescens
Dune Sunflower - Helianthus niveus
Mexican Gold Poppy - Eschscholtzia mexicana
Desert Primrose / Yellow Cups - Camissonia brevipes
Wooly Daisy - Eriophyllum wallacei
Barrel Cactus - Ferocactus acanthodes
Englemann's Prickly Pear - Opuntia phaeacantha
Desert Dandelion - Malacothrix glabrata
Parry's Century Plant - Agave parryi
Golden Prince's Plume - Stanleya

White Flowers

Saguaro Cactus - Carnegiea gigantea
Sacred Datura - Datura meteloides
Spectacle Pod - Dithyrea wislizenii
Desert Lily - Hesperocallis undulata
Dune Evening Primrose - Oenothera deltoides
Desert Chicory - Rafinesquia neomexicana
Desert Star - Monoptilon bellioides
Prickly Poppy / Thistle Poppy - Argemone pleicantha
Joshua Tree - Yucca brevifolia
Banana Yucca - Yucca baccata
Blazing Star - Mentzelia involucrata
Brown-eyed Evening Primrose - Camissonia claviformis
Narrow-leaved Popcorn Flower - Cryptantha angustifolia
Ghost Flower - Mohavea confertiflora
Mohave Yucca - Yucca schidigera
Soaptree Yucca - Yucca elati
Apache Plume - Fallugia paradoxa


When will the wildflowers bloom? To plan your visit to coincide with the peak of the bloom, keep up to date with DesertUSA's Wildflower Reports. Be sure to bookmark the page for weekly updates.

We'd like to see your pictures too. Send your pictures and reports to We will post them on the wildflower reports site so that everyone can enjoy the wildflowers. Please use Wildflowers in the subject line on your email to us. We use this subject to make sure we are able to spot your email.

Spring Blooming Periods

Lower Elevations: 1,000 – 3,000 feet
Yuccas—March and April
Annuals—February, March, and April
Cacti—March, April, and May

Higher Elevations: 3,000 – 5,000 feet

Joshua Trees and Yuccas—March and April
Annuals—March, April, and May
Cacti—April, May, and June

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