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We'd like to see your pictures too. E-mail your digital photos and reports to Use Wildflower Report as the subject of your e-mail. Let us know where you took the photo and the date.

Note: Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year in the desert, but it can also be a time for caution. Rattlesnakes lie dormant during the cold fall and winter months and awaken from hibernation in the warm months of March and April. Another reason to stay on the trails. More...

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2019 Phoenix Area and Northern AZ Reports

March 21, John reports: Peridot Mesa Unprecedented carpets of poppies at their max with many more varieties of wildflowers in bloom. Go during the week. Very few people today! Arrive early and stay late. Do your homework on permit and turnoff location. Boots are better than shoes. Walk carefully to top of the volcanic mesa for best experience and photos, with bonus of butterflies at the summit. Bring plenty of water, food, sunscreen, hat, and extra batteries. Since the Peridot Mesa is located on the San Carlos Indian Reservation, visitors will need to purchase a permit to travel to to the wildflower spot. (Google Map Link)

March 21, Marilyn reports: We took a ride up Vulture Mine Rd, near Wickenburg over St Patrick’s weekend.

March 21, Wesley reports: Arizona north of Topock on Route 66, with lots of OHV trails swarming with verbena, primrose, lupine, scorpionweed and yellow cups. Oatman, AZ was looking good with several large patches of poppies.

March 21, Pat reports: Lake Pleasant, NW of Phoenix, March 19. There are no large stands of wildflowers anywhere, just clumps here and there. Most predominant were globe mallow and brittlebush, with one strip of owl clover alongside the road, easy to miss (I missed it the first time I drove the road).

March 20, Pat reports: March 18 at Bartlett Lake, NE of Phoenix. Predominant were poppies and lupines, but there were at least a half dozen other species here and there. There were many hillsides covered with poppies, with saguaro cactus, alongside the road to the lake. Closer to the lake, there were stands of lupines alongside the road. Views with poppies and the lake occurred on the less traveled road. I found one cluster of three owl clover stalks near the marina. White poppies occurred in only one location that I observed.

March 19, PaulW in Gila County 2019 reports:
Watch for goldpoppies bordering Highways 60 and 70 if you drive through Miami and Claypool enroute to Globe and Peridot Mesa this week -- but poppies aren't the only yellow flowers blooming now: patches of Yellow Bladderpod and Wallflower beautify Hwy 60; Evening Primrose and and Sundrops can be seen and photographed in foothills between the Pinal Mountains and the city of Globe. What's the fragrant lilac-purple flower carpeting acres of hillside near the Fry's plaza, south-facing slopes above Noftsger Hill Inn -- and the hiking trails of Globe's Round Mountain Park? That's "Night-Scented Stock" (Matthiola longipetala) perfuming the air with a candy-sweetness - and coloring entire hillsides. Non-native, but one of the dominant flowers photographers will see -- and smell -- this week in Globe, AZ.

March 19, Jeff 2019 reports: Tom's Thumb 3.17.19 (Google Map Link)

March 19, Chris 2019 reports: Usery Mountain Windcave trail 03/17/19 (Google Map Link)

March 19, Woody 2019 reports: South Mountain Park 3/17/19 (Google Map Link)

March 19, Doris 2019 reports: Near Superstition Mountains 

March 18, Lisa 2019 reports: March 17…Estrella Mountain Baseline Trail (Google Map Link)

March 18, John 2019 reports: Bartlett Lake 3/16/2019

March 18, Robert 2019 reports: Peridot Mesa on Saturday, 3/16.Turn north just East of mile marker 268 off of Route 70. Follow the dirt road to the right, and up the hill. As mentioned previously, it’s a fee area, and you can buy a day pass at the last Circle K in Globe. Note that traffic was extremely bad in both directions at Gold Canyon, due to the Renaissance Festival. Took us over an hour to go 5 miles. It was very windy at the site, so fast shutter speeds are required. I would estimate that the poppies have at least another week or two.

March 18, Brian P 2019 reports: Bartlett Lake at Rattlesnake Cove Mar 14

March 18, Brian 2019 reports: These are some shots from the Bartlett lake area, mostly off Bartlett dam road on the way in from Carefree, and also near rattlesnake cove. We were out there the afternoon of the 14th. 

March 18, Doris 2019 reports: Near Bartlett Lake 3/16/19

March 17, Debbie 2019 reports: A friend and I were up at Bartlett Lake 3/16/19.  The flowers were beautiful and lush.  I could identify the poppies and lupine but not sure of others.

March 16, Val 2019 reports: Estrella Mountain Ranch on 3/15/2019 Map



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Photos tips: Most digital point-and-shoot cameras have a macro function - usually symbolized by the icon of a little flower. When you turn on that function, you allow your camera to get closer to the subject, looking into a flower for example. Or getting up close and personal with a bug. More on desert photography and wildflowers photos.

We'd like to see your pictures too. E-mail your digital photos and reports to Use Wildflower Report as the subject of your e-mail. Let us know where you took the photo and the date. We will post them on our wildflower reports. Thanks for your support and photos.

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