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Note: Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year in the desert, but it can also be a time for caution. Rattlesnakes lie dormant during the cold fall and winter months and awaken from hibernation in the warm months of March and April. Another reason to stay on the trails. More...

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2024 Phoenix Area and Northern AZ Reports


April 5, 2024 Will Reports: These photos were taken at Bartlett lake this weekend right off north lake road by rattlesnake cove.

These were taken off then Bush Highway near the Butcher Jones  Beach

March 29, 2024 Elaine Reports: Peridot Mesa on San Carlos Indian reservation 3-28-2024. Wildflowers are very spotty this year. We decided to go toward San Carlos Lake from the town of Peridot. There were many more flowers along that road. Also some interesting Cholla trees along the way. The Coolidge Dam built in the late 1920s was worth seeing. Impressive architecture! It was at the end of the paved road. Not a long drive.

March 27, 2024 Pat Reports: Lower Salt River , Bush Highway near junction with AZ87 has a great variety of wildflowers along the roadway.

All along Pinal Pioneer Parkway between Florence Junction & Florence
nice roadside displays, including poppies.

March 25, 2024 Glen Reports: These were shot at Hat Mountain today, 3/22/24, between Ajo and Gila Bend, Southwest of Phoenix, Photo credit is Glen Kenoyer.

March 22, 2024 Peter Reports:  Dove Valley( east of I 17) and North Valley Pkwy on Monday 3/18.The rains have added more blooming but it can be a bit windy there.

March 11, 2024 Will Reports: These pictures were taken at Saguaro Lake last week.


March 5, 2024 Sabine Reports: Photos these were all taken in Florence, AZ on the afternoon of 3/3/2024

March 4, 2024 Kathleen Reports: Appachee Junction at  W. Lost Dutchman Road and Meridian Rd. Thursday Feb. 29th 2024. Photo Credit: Kathleen Leadley

March 1, 2024 DesertUSA Reports: Wildflowers flowers are starting to bloom on the Ocotillo trail at Desert Hills Trailhead in Phoenix. Poppies starting to bloom out near Dove Valley and N Valley Parkway.

Feb 27, 2024 Pat Reports: No photos, but really nice display of poppies, lupine, mallow, & brittlebush on AZ79 between Florence Junction (US60) and south of Florence.  

Feb 27, 2024 DUSA Reports: Poppies starting to pop out near Dove Valley and N Valley Parkway

Jan 1, 2024 DUSA Reports: It should be a good wildflower year.




2023 Phoenix Area and Northern AZ Reports


April 20 2023 Nemo reports: CANYON LOOP TRAIL - CATALINA STATE PARK Penstemon parryi, mariposa lily, Mexican poppy, phacelia, fiddleneck, lupine, fairy duster, fleabane, chicory, monkey flower, owl clover, thistle

These are just the ones we can remember! The main event was supposed to be the mariposa lilies near the bench at the top of the steps down to the creek, but the big surprise was the quantity and range of the fairy dusters on the hill to our right as we walked toward the canyon from the parking lot.

We recommend taking the Canyon Loop Trail counterclockwise, so you descend into the lush, leafy, shady canyon with the babbling creek after going wild over the mariposa lilies and fairy dusters. Bring more water than you think you need in addition to hiking boots, hat, sunscreen, and a walking stick if you have one. Get an early start and watch the mariposa lilies open before your eyes. Photos 4/16/23



April 17 2023 Text reports: Amazing wildflower display along the Black Canyon trail, north of the Gloriana trailhead. Photos taken April 14th.

April 16 2023 Jayne reports: Bartlett Lake April 15th These blooms were on  bushes/shrubs of approximately 3-6+ feet high and wide. There were dozens of these blooming on shrubs somewhat evenly spaced and mixed in with the brittle bush and chaparral along the roadway and up the hillside near Rattlesnake Cove. I have not been able to positively identify.  Please help with the identification. I’ve never seen these bloom before.  They were very abundant and very worth the trip out there. Admittedly we don’t always get out there more than once a spring so our experience is hit and miss.  Other blooms we saw were cream cups, yellow, gold, and pale cream poppies, lupine, globe mallow, massive amounts of brittle bush. We also saw prolific blooming of what I think were fairy dusters close to and along the road going into Bartlett Lake. 

April 14 2023 Steve reports: April 14, 2023 at Bartlett Lake.  The hills along the roads are a profusion of color from a blanket of Brittlebush and flashes of bright red from Chuparosa. There are still some patches of Poppy and Lupine.

April 11 2023 Carolemcc reports: Bush Highway just before Beeline -just past Suguaro Lake. April 4 2023 

April 5 2023  Robert Zusman reports: Bush Highway / Usery Pass Rd., Mesa. 4/7/23 Lots of Brittlebush, Owl Clover, Lupines and Globe Mallow along the sides of these roads.

April 5 2023  Mike & Pam report:  Peridot Mesa, San Carlos, AZ April 2 - Finally made the 2.5 hr drive out here after 27 years in the Valley, and it was so worth it! What took us so long? The desert was blanketed with color - poppies, lupine, and so much more. We hiked to the top of the mesa, which was loaded with globemallow, snapping photos every several steps after a new arrangement of God's colorfest appeared. The desert is so beautiful. A special day we'll remember always!



April 2 2023 Dan and Elaine report: San Carlos Indian Reservation 3-31-23 - It was a beautiful day and worth the trip. There is an incredible number of flowers and many varieties. In some places it was hard to walk without accidentally stepping on a flower. 2020 was a very good year for viewing the wildflowers  but this year has that beat. I feel we were there at the peak. Very special.

Mar 31 2023  Robert Zusman reports: Bartlett Lake, 3/31/23 - There are still unopened poppy buds, so probably another week or two of good conditions.

Mar 31 2023 Pat reports: Willow Beach Rd, Lake Mead NRA 3/29/2023

Mar 30 2023 Bill and Pam report: We found an unexpected canyon full of California Poppies and purples about 5 miles east of Bullhead City on Highway 68, on the right, going towards Kingman. Absolutely gorgeous!

Mar 30 2023 John reports: Off Bush Hwy just past Saguaro Lake.



Mar 30 2023 Penni S reports: Date taken 3/28/23 N Bush highway.

Mar 27 2023 Jenny reports: March 24 on Willow Beach Road (Lake Mohave)

Mar 27 2023 Larry reports: The video was shot on March 24, 2023.  Location: Black Mountains of Arizona at and near the town of Oatman.  

Mar 27 2023 Rick and Margarita report: Previous reports of the poppy bloom just west of Oatman, AZ persuaded us to take a quick trip down there from LV. It is indeed looking very very nice. Easy viewing is at the intersection of Boundary Cove Rd and Oatman Hwy (Rt. 66) If you have a high clearance vehicle, there are some dirt roads to be taken that will give access to more viewing spots. Many other flowers blooming there also. The flowers are all in very good shape and they look as if they will last for some time. The weather is cooperating nicely.

Mar 26 2023 Text reports: Peridot Mesa, San Carlos, AZ.
Note that the instructions to buy the required $10 day pass at Apache Gold Casino gas station are wrong - they don’t sell them anymore, and you must go a few miles past Peridot Mesa to US 70 & E. Geronimo Dr. where the Recreation office is located.

The weather was cool and windy, and mostly cloudy today, so most of the poppies weren’t fully open, but the skies were awesome. I would estimate that there is still 2 weeks or more of great flowers on the Mesa. On the way out, watch for wildflowers in the center median past Gold Canyon - some amazing colors, but impossible to stop legally and take photos!

Mar 26 2023 Text reports: At Vista Point, Tortilla Flat; north of Apache junction trailhead. About 18 miles north of Goldfield Ghost Town.

Mar 23 2023 Richart reports: Heavy rains yesterday caused many of the poppies to close up.  It has been relatively cool here, 59 degrees, and the feral burros are starting to graze on the flowers.  Best viewing areas include Route 66 through the mining town of Oatman. Fabulous displays of lupine and numerous yellow flowers can be seen at Laughlin Ranch, off the Bullhead City Parkway. Both sides of Davis Dam have deep carpets of sand verbena and lupine.


Mar 21 2023 Richard reports: Nice displays coming out around Lake Mojave. Taken off Katherine’s Landing Road, Bullhead City, AZ.

Mar 21 2023 Joanne reports: Wildflowers up at Sears Kay Ruins: 3/17/23



Mar 20 2023 Rick and Margarita report: Went to Willow Beach Rd, 11 miles south of Hoover Dam. As David reports, flowers are quite good.  It should keep going for a couple of weeks with the good weather.  The photo is from Willow Beach road.  Shot at 1pm, using a polarizing filter and under exposed.

Mar 18 2023 Richard reports: Nice displays of poppies at Route 66 and Boundary Cove Road outside of Oatman.

Mar 18 2023 Ruby reports: Peridot Mesa, San Carlo Apache Reservation, Arizona - Tuesday, March 14th 2023, (Fee area)

Mar 18 2023 Andy reports: It is an excellent bloom at Peridot Mesa. These photos were taken on March 12th and there were still unopened buds. Get your $10 permit at San Carlos Recreation & Wildlife at HW 70 and SE Geronimo Dr (use Google Maps, not Apple Maps).

Mar 18 2023 Will reports: These were taken 3/15/23 at the Sonoran preserve desert vista trial.

Mar 18 2023 David reports: Northern arizona. Just south of Hoover dam on Willow Beach road. The flowers there are still good.


Mar 18 2023 Monique reports: Granite mountain loop (Scottsdale, AZ ) on Friday, March 17th.  Profusion of poppies.

Mar 13 2023 Rick and Margarita report: We drove from Henderson, NV over to the AZ side of the Colorado River via Interstate 11. Kingman Wash access road did not show many flowers. However, from that exit south to Rosie’s provided lots of Brittlebush and Yellowcups along the side of the road and up the hillsides. 11 miles south of Kingman wash is the exit to Willow Beach. That length of road all the way to the Colorado River was very very nice. Lots and lots of yellow cups, phacelia species, pincushion, lupine, brittle bush, monkey flowers, blazing star, chicory to name a few. With weather cooperating, it should be good for some time.

Mar 11 2023 Darlene Reports:  Oatman Arizona Mohave County. March 9 2023

Mar 11 2023 Barbara Reports: Photos taken at Peridot Mesa March 8, 2023

Mar 10 2023 Beverly Reports: Desert Classic off Warpaint Trail and Corona de Lima South Mountain. Carpets of yellow and tons of blooming brittlebush with patches of scorpionweed and orange globe mallow turn these trails into eyecandy.

Mar 9 2023 Joanne Reports: We went out to Peridot Mesa today not knowing exactly what to expect. Even though it was a little early for this area, there were plenty of flowers. Although there were flowers near the entrance to the area, most of the thicker patches of poppies were found on the back side. You need to travel up the dirt road and down around the back and head south. You will come to the edge of the mesa and the sides are awash with poppies, small yellow flowers, and blue dicks. First photo was taken on the front side and the remaining four on the back side of the area. (Fee Area)



Mar 7 2023 Beverly Reports: Mountain slopes are filled with yellow blooming poppies with some spots where purple lupines and scorpionweed are blooming. Pyramid Trail South Mountain.

Mar 7 2023 David Reports: Estrella mtn park, Rainbow valley loop trail from horse staging area Lots of color, extensive patches of facilea, poppies and lupine. Easy 6 mile hike with constantly changing floral displays!

Mar 6 2023 Petra Reports: Really nice wildflower bloom in the south mountains observed on our hike on Saturday March 4 2023.

Mar 2 2023 Estelle Reports: Gold Poppies on the hillsides around Saguaro Lake on 02-27-2023. Snow capped Four Peaks is in the background. This is taken about 2 miles south of the Bush Highway exit off the Beeline highway. It's going to be a beautiful season!

Mar 1 2023 Barb Reports:  Off Bush Highway just north of Saguaro Lake, north of the Butcher Jones turnoff near the extra parking area. Photos 2/24/23

Feb 26 2023 Jan Reports: Lake Pleasant - Yavaipi trail

Feb 23 2023 Donna Reports: Estrella Mountain Regional Park - Goodyear AZ on 2/20

Feb 22, 2023 PaulW in Globe reports:   Our famous Mexican Goldpoppies  along highway 60 through Miami, Claypool and Globe welcomed the New Year with a few precocious blooms during the very first week of January - as seen in this snapshot of a robust 'Lil clump of poppies on the east side of town. 

Now, as of February 22, scattered goldpoppies are abloom here and there along the highway 60 corridor -- with peak color in Claypool likely to start during mid-to-late March.  Hike the foothills of the Pinal Mountains this week and you'll smell the honey-sweet essence of native Manzanita shrubs blooming, with their pink-and-white clusters luring bees -- and today I crossed paths with an early, and colorful, patch of Night-scented Stock  (Matthiola longipetala) on a south-facing slope along Golden Hills Road. These fragrant flowers are likely to carpet hillsides of Claypool and Central Heights this spring -- perfuming the air with the unmistaken scent of Necco Wafers -- or candy cigarettes. 

For those wondering if the famous hillsides of Peridot Mesa on the San Carlos Apache Nation east of Globe will be worth a visit this year -- Apache photographer Bob Stevens shared these photos on Feb. 20! Make sure to buy your San Carlos Apache Tribe recreation permit -- they're required -- and check out this season preview 
( and thanks for the intel, Bob, nice captures ! ) 

Feb 22 2023 Barbara Reports: I took these images on February 20, 2023 at Picacho Peak State Park.  I noted a lot of lupine leaves, a few fiddleneck flowers, a patch of Phaecelia…but most notable were the poppies. Poppies can be seen from the road and are a very large presence.  

Feb 21 2023 Peter Reports: Photos were shot 2/19 at Picacho State Park

Feb 21 2023 Diana Reports: Saturday, Feb. 18 at South Mtn Park.

Feb 20 2023 Sarah Reports: Poppies are blooming at Estrella Mountain Regional Park.  On Saturday, February 18, these were along the Butterfield Trail on my way to Flycatcher.  Didn't make it to too distracted by the hillside of flowers :)  These are cell phone photos: 

Feb 16 2023 Melissa Reports: Buckwheat decorating the desert! February 14, 2023 on Silly Mountain near Apache Junction, Arizona. 

Feb 11 2023 Rick and Margarita report: On Friday Feb 10th, from 0’Callaghan-Tillman bridge to Temple Bar turnoff, on the east side of US 93 (AZ), starting to bloom are some yellow cups and brittle bush.

Feb 9 2023 Barbara Reports: S Ellsworth Road and Hwy 24 in Mesa. I took these photos 2/7/23. There is a large area of Phacaelia, bladderwort, lupine, poppies, sand verbena, Goodings verbena here that is most likely reseeding after construction.

Feb 6 2023 Qun Reports: Saturday 2/4 Estrella Mountain Regional Park near Goodyear AZ.

January 30, 2023 DesertUSA reports: There was rain in the Phoenix area today. Outlook is good for the wildflowers this year.

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