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The Carrizo Plain National Monument, located 100 airline miles (160 km) from Los Angeles, is an area by-passed by time. Soda Lake, its centerpiece, is a glistening bed of white salt, set within a vast open grassland, rimmed by steep mountains. The plain is home to diverse communities of wildlife and plant species, is an area culturally important to Native Americans, and is traversed by the San Andreas fault, which has created and moved mountain ranges, carved valleys and is marked by a subtle alignment of ridges, ravines and pools.

This area is very remote and undeveloped, therefore it is recommended that you do not rely on GPS or other mapping programs to lead you to the park. All vehicles must remain on roads. Link to map

Prepare yourself for your adventure. The Carrizo Plain National Monument does not provide any services such as water, food, or fuel. Plan your trip accordingly and ensure you get these items in one of the neighboring communities before you go.

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2024 Southern Ca Wildflower Reports Carrizo Plain Area


Feb 20, 2024 DUSA Reports: Lots of rain in the area today.

Feb 5, 2024 DUSA Reports: Showers. Low around 41. Southeast wind 5 to 10 mph becoming north after midnight. Chance of precipitation is 90%. New precipitation amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible.

Jan 1, 2024 DUSA Reports: It should be a good wildflower year. There was lots of rain late last year.





2023 Southern Ca Wildflower Reports Carrizo Plain Area

May 8 2023 DesertUSA Reports: Most flowers near 7-mile Rd are gone, you will to go to the ridges and down to gullies to catch the last of the bloom.

May 5 2023 Nancy Reports: We went back to Carrizo last weekend. The peak bloom has moved to higher elevations. There were still some great flower fields in the Temblor range. Pictures are from April 29.



May 1 2023 Nancy Reports: Carrizo Plain Tuesday April 25, around 9 am. East of Elkhorn Road. 

April 24 2023 Raizum Reports: HWY 58 W (top)and along Seven Mile Rd (bottom). Photos taken 4/21.  



April 23 2023 Mindy Reports: Took a trip up to Carrizo Plain April 19-20. Lots of flowers. The main road had some large fields of flowers along it, mostly yellow. Soda Lake had large areas of yellow flowers around it. The best place to see the hillside colors is from Elkhorn Rd. We drove it between Panorama Rd. and the south entrance. There were a couple of spots on the road that would have been dicey in anything less than an SUV. Flowers along the whole route with the heaviest concentrations at the southern end of Elkhorn Rd. There were also some good spots north of Panorama Rd. The first photo is from Panorama Rd. looking towards Temblor Ridge. The second photo is from the south end of Elkhorn Rd.

April 20 2023 Don Reports: Near Soda Lake - Carrizo Plain - Desert Larkspur  - April 18

April 17 2023 Cristina C Reports: Here are photos from Carrizo Plain from 4/15-16. The first photo is on the 5 (update to the previous post from Clement Westbound 5 past Gordon). Second and third are from the southern end of plains near Soda lake road. The rest are from Elkhorn Road facing the Temblor range, where the most spectacular blooms were.

April 16 2023 Frank Reports: No doubt Carrizo is on fire with probably more on the way. Ranger said late snow causing late blooming so more to come. Best areas South end of Park Soda Lake Road and Elkhorn Rd, Soda Lake Simmler Rd, and Temblor mountains north of Hurricane Pass Rd. Lush amounts of flowers everywhere. Should be good another week. Many people all weekend. 14.5 inches of rain this year.

April 13 2023 Adam Reports:  We LOVED our day trip to this magical place and it was your post and info that got us there.  

April 13 2023 Helen Reports: Soda Lake area

April 13 2023 Clément Joly Reports: Our group was in Carrizo on April 8 and 9 so this is a bit of a late report but since I've been using your site for 6 years now and love it I thought I'd contribute back.

Attached are a few pics. Overall in Carrizo the bloom is just getting started. It's mostly flowering in the plain but in the hills flowers are only starting to really bloom. We talked at length with an 80 year-old rancher who's lived his entire life in the region and owns land inside of the monument and he said the peak bloom will happen between April 21 and April 28. Surprisingly he also said the 2017 "superbloom" shouldn't even be labelled a superbloom as it wasn't very impressive compared to previous one he had seen (he's mentioned 2000 being the last exceptional one). He also said it's his estimate that this year will be the greatest superbloom of his lifetime given all the rain we've had since the beginning of the year.

April 12 2023 Helen Reports: Carrizo Plain along CA-58, 7 mile Rd & Soda Lake Rd - Common Hillside Daisy, Gold field, Tidy tips, Baby Blue eye, Sand Phacelia, fiddle necks. 4/10/23

April 12 2023 Vince Reports: All pix taken on 4/10/23 with an iPhone XR so no filters to enhance colors.Lots of color if you like yellow. Not much orange or blue: maybe next week according to BLM at visitors center. Did not see many lupins growing; the few we saw were immature.

April 12 2023 Clark Reports: I was out there Tuesday, 4/11. As most people have said, the best bloom is by Hwy 58 and Seven mile road.  There are tons of yellow flowers on Seven mile road with some purple mixed in. The whole basin is pretty much covered. Seven mile road is dry and would be fine to drive in any type of vehicle. I’ve never been out there before, but it’s pretty incredible right now.

April 11 2023 Susanna Reports: All photos taken on April 9th, 2023 at Carrizo Plains National Park, California. 

April 10 2023 Linda Reports: Carizzo Plain April 9, 2023 - Still lots of good blooms along Soda Lake Road. The last photo is Highway 58 near Seven Mile Road.

April 5 2023 David Reports: Carrizo Plain, 4/4/23 North End Near Soda Lake

April 7 2023 Lillian Reports: April 4: Carrizo Plain, Hwy 58 near Seven Mile Road

April 6 2023 Jeffrey Reports: Second trip out to Carrizo Plain on 4-4-2023 wildflowers are still in good shape. Few places started to fade.  But still worth the drive out.

April 6 2023 Stepen Reports: Carrizo Plains is in full bloom in the Tremblor range. Best flowers are on CA-58 just west of 7 Mile Rd. Hwy 58 is closed to cars and pedestrians just east of 7 Mile Rd. Elkhorn Rd in good condition to Wallace Creek interpretive trail and at least a few miles beyond. Simmler Rd is closed.

Shell Creek Rd just north of CA-58 is carpeted with flowers. Also nice flowers along CA-58. Appears to be at peak but should be great for at least another week or two if it doesn't get too hot. CA-58 is open from Santa Margarita to Carrizo Plains. It is closed just east of 7 Mile Rd to cars and pedestrians.

April 2 2023 Amy Reports: Carrizo Plain, route was soda lake road of hwy 166 all the way to hwy 58. Not all paved road.  Best bloom by hwy 58.  check road closures prior to going.  All photos taken Sunday March 25, 2023

April 1 2023 Jennie Reports: The wildflowers are blooming along Highway 58 right before the road closure at the junction with Seven Mile Road. Flowers are also blooming along Soda Lake Road by Traver Ranch. Most other roads within the monument are impassable. Careful pulling over - saw a few cars stuck in the mud. Check current road conditions before heading out. Photos taken Mar 30 and Mar 31. Carrizo Plain National Monument Area.

Mar 27 2023 Text Reports: 03/26 photos taken at  Carrizo Plain where flowers are blooming. HWY 58 from Taft is closed for another 2-3 weeks due to road flooded. From Taft Use 166 south then Soda Lake Road to 7 Mile road which some parts of the Soda Lake road is unpaved; so drive carefully.



Mar 26 2023 Susan Reports: photos Carrizo Plain.  24 March 2023

Mar 21 2023 Jeffrey Reports: Went out to Carrizo Plains yesterday 3- 20 - 2023 first day of spring,  wildflowers are looking good!

Mar 18 2023 DesertUSA Reports: The cold has likely pushed the flowering season a bit back as the flowers wait for warmer temperatures to bloom. The link below has one picture showing some blooms starting.

Hillside daisies bloom in the Carrizo Plain National Monument in March 2023. Neil Havlik Carrizo Plain Conservancy

Read more at:

Feb 26 2023 DesertUSA Reports: Snow covers the Temblor Range and the California Valley on Feb. 25, 2023

Read more at:

Feb 16 2023 DesertUSA Reports: Carrizo Plain National Monument - Still looks good for wildflowers this year, should start in late March or April.

Jan 17 2023 DesertUSA Reports: Carrizo Plain National Monument received lots of rain last week. 



2022 Southern Ca Wildflower Reports Carrizo Plain Area

Mar 24 2022 Michele Reports: Carrizo Plain - Sporadic wildflowers mostly at Soda Lake.  No big displays. More variety near south campgrounds. Photos 3 22 2022 

Headed to Santa Maria


Jan 5 2022 DUSA Reports: Carrizo Plain National Monument got rain in December 2021.



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