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2023 Northern California And the Northwest Wildflowers

May 25 2023 Betsy Reports: Here are more from the Baxter Pass area...

May 20 2023 Betsy Reports: The wildflowers have been blooming for weeks here in the Owens Valley, where they started on the desert floor and then have been gradually working their way up to the base of the mountains. I"m not sure if you've been to our area, but it's pretty spectacular!

April 27 2023 David Reports: Starting to bloom pretty strongly at Chimney Rock. Saw close to 20+ species including iris, poppies, checkerbloom, cow parsnip, mule ears, pussy ears, lupine, wild cucumber, tidy tips, and paintbrush.

April 24 2023 Douglas Reports: Northern CA—Jepson Prairie near Dixon, CA, on April 22. For wildflower viewing near the SF Bay Area, the Jepson Prairie now offers a few nice patches of blooms, with Solano Land Trust-led tours on spring weekends that also show you the fascinating aquatic life in the vernal pools on the preserve.

April 24 2023 David Reports: Generally, the Northern California wildflower display appears reduced over previous years. This may be due to colder than normal temperatures for Feb- to late April. First photos: Morgan Territory Regional Preserve north of Livermore, CA
Some nice poppies & lupines along with fiddleneck & storksbill. In the shade of trees are Perry's Larkspur as well as shooting stars. Date 4/20/23

2nd photo - San Antone Valley up Mines Road from Livermore. The best displays are about 4-5 miles south of the Junction Bar & Grill. Mainly goldfields & some buttercups along with some distant purple colors (lupines, storksbill, etc. 04/21

March 27 2023 Howard Reports: Calandrina in Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve, east side of Mt. Diablo. And grasses are almost lime green for the photographers. poppies in south facing cutbanks on Lafayette Ridge, big, but struggling against wind and rain. Taken between our 12th and 13th atmospheric river event.

Jan 1 2023 DesertUSA Reports: Happy New Year. The outlook for the wildflower season looks good at this point.





2022 Northern California And the Northwest Wildflowers


Apr 21 2022 Ken Reports: We visited Pacheco State Park right off hwy 152 outside of Gilroy CA this afternoon, 4/17.From the parking lot there were no wildflowers visible, short of some yellow spots.

As we walked up the trail to the top of the first hill -- where most of the easy flowers are usually visible -- we came across plants with many buds and maybe one bloom.  It was as if we were just days too early.  We're going back next weekend to look. Attached are some of the single blooms we found just off trail.


Mar 17 2022 Ted reports: Owl’s clover, Mt Diablo State Park, March 12, 2022

Mar 9 2022 Jody reports:The Sierra Nevada foothills on March 2nd.


Mar 9 2022 Howard reports: Briones Regional Park -  Buttercups. Thousands in the black oak grove, a steep climb up from Bear Creek staging area but within sight of it to the north.

Briones Regional Park, Bear Creek staging area, east up Old Briones Road. All south faces have significant poppies.

Feb 28 2022 David reports: Wildflowers, NorCal, East of Napa Valley 2/25/22

Feb 25 2022 Derek reports: I took the attached photos of poppies on Monday 2/21 on Del Peurto Canyon Rd, west of Patterson, about 19 miles from the intersection with I-5

There were other splashes of poppies and a few other flowers along the route. I wouldn't suggest making a special trip, but if you are traveling between I-5 and the Bay Area, have some extra time, and don't mind narrow, rough roads, it could be worth a detour.

Jan 1 2022 DUSA reports: Happy New Year. The outlook for the wildflower season looks good at this point.


When will the desert wildflowers bloom? We start our report in January, plan your visit to coincide with the peak of the bloom - keep up to date with DesertUSA's Wildflower Reports. Be sure to bookmark this page for weekly updates.

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