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We'd like to see your pictures too. E-mail your digital photos and reports to Use Wildflower Report as the subject of your e-mail. Let us know where you took the photo and the date.

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2022 Southern Ca. Wildflower Reports

Oct 15 2022 Patrick Reports: I drove on I-40 the desert this past weekend from Fresno to Albuquerque, NM and I’m happy to report that the wildflowers are blooming like crazy right now! The monsoon rains have thoroughly soaked the ground and all the desert plants are fully green and blooming. Here are some pictures. 


June 2 2022 DesertUSA Reports: Columnar cactus blooming like crazy. These cactuses bloom in the dead of night.  They only last a few days.


Apr 21 2022 Leslie Reports: Photos Tuesday April 12. Highway 79 near Lake Henshaw.


Apr 6 2022 Spencer Reports: Poked around the Antelope Valley on Saturday, best display was at the intersection of Munz Ranch Road and Elizabeth Lake road ,a beautiful mix of poppies, phacelia, pincushion, lupine, and others all mixed in a beautiful display, highly recommend checking it out.

Apr 4 2022 Katie Reports: April 2, 2022 Guided driving tour of wildflowers on Tejon Ranch Conservancy today. Amazing views and even caught a pronghorn on the way over a hill.

Apr 4 2022 Rena Reports: There are large fields of lovely small pink flowers to be see off the Mill Street exit of the 58 driving to Tehachapi.  The best light to view them I think is before noon.  Later in the day they don't stand out as much.


Apr 4 2022 Laura Reports: I took these pictures, 4/2 along the Point Buchon Trail. The best display is between Lookout Point and Windy Point. Point Buchon is owned by PGE and they allow only 275 people a day. If you do not go early, you may not be able to enter.

Mar 31 2022 DUSA Reports: Lot wildflowers along RT 79 south of S2

Mar 31 2022 Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve Reports: The recent heat wave and lack of rain have made many of the poppies wilt. There are a few more poppies on the north-facing slopes of the Reserve where they tend to bloom a little later in the season, Check in with the staff at the visitor center to find out which trails have more poppies and other wildflowers currently in bloom.

Mar 28 2022 Katie Reports: Taken on trip through Antelope Valley up Munz Road to Lake Elizabeth and back on Lake Hughes Road on March 26.

Spotted the scarlet bugler patch and just waited and about every 15 minutes a hummingbird came to feed. Saw Allens, Annas and a Costa. Couldn’t get a pic of the Costa’s. Mojave Green near Tejon Ranch off 300 Street.

Below Taken on drive from Munz Ranch Road to and by Lake Elizabeth on Saturday March 26 then back on Lake Hughes Road. No big expanses of bloom but there are spring flowers to see for sure. Also almost stepped on a little Mojave Green, they are out now…

Mar 24 2022 DUSA Reports: Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve getting close to peak. Windy day.

See wildflower report for Mission Creek Preserve near Desert Hot Springs

Mar 17 2022 DUSA Reports: Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve May be about a week away from the peak bloom.

From web camera 3/17/22

Mar 17 2022 Gary Reports: Leo Carrillo State Park. Take the trail that goes up the ridge toward Nickolas Flat. Caution: this trail has some very steep sections. When you get up to the ridge you can take a spur back down to the beach. Lupine, collarless poppies, popcorn flowers, Parry's phacelia, firecracker penstemon and more. Photos 3/14/22

Mar 16 2022 Nhi Reports: These pictures were taken from the roadside, near Arvin Cross on Highway 223, on 3/11/2022

Mar 16 2022 Karen Reports: These were taken March 11, 2022, along hwy 223 near Arvin, CA.

Mar 11 2022 Rena Reports: There are miles and miles of beautiful yellow, purple, white and baby blue flowers to be seen along CA 245 North which runs between Woodlake, CA and Highway 180.

Woodlake, CA is about three hours northeast of Los Angeles.  And CA 245 is a beautiful two-lane curvy road. The entire drive from Woodlake, CA all the way to Highway 180 is about 55 miles, with the best flowers to be seen at about the midway point.  There are plenty of places to pull over and take photos. These photos were taken on 3/7/22.

Mar 11 2022 Larry Reports: I went to the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve on March 10 2022.  It wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible either.  If it gets a little bit of rain in the next few days it could be good.  The drive to the Reserve is disappointing.  There are some poppies along the roadside, but not that many.  There also isn't a great variety of flowers, mostly poppies.  In a good year, 2019, you don't need to go into the reserve.  There are plenty of flowers along the way.  This year, however, the flowers are best viewed at the reserve.  There is a $10 entrance fee.  The first 2 photos are from outside the reserve.  The remainder are in the reserve.

Mar 9 2022 Patrick Reports: Highway 223 just above Arvin around the bend from the cross.

Mar 9 2022 Geogiana Reports: Excited to report lots of radish blooming in Bommer Canyon along Bommer Meadow trail, and patches of fiddle neck, and at least one area with arroyo lupine. 

Mar 5 2022 Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve Reports: The bloom is beginning at the Poppy Reserve! Large patches of poppies are starting to appear on the south facing hillsides around the north Antelope Loop Trail, lacy phacelia is coming in at Kitanemuk Vista Point, the grape soda lupine is blooming at the west end of the Tehachapi Vista Point Trail, and various "belly flowers" such as slender-keel fruit, red maids, forget-me-nots, and red stem filaree are found along many of the trails.

The bloom may be short if we don't get more rain, but it should be good for at least the next two to three weeks.

Park photo

Mar 3 2022 Gary Reports: Back to Hwy 223 by the Arvin Cross yesterday, 3/1/22,. just stunning. A carpet fiddleheads, poppies and lupine among others. 

Mar 3 2022 Steve Reports: On Tuesday 3/1/2022 along Hwy 223 in the hills near Arvin, the bloom is progressing spectacularly.

Mar 3 2022 Beverly Reports: Poppies are blooming extensively along the Pt. Buchon trail and on the coastal terraces there, especially extensive south of Disney Pt.
Photos taken Mon., Feb. 28. 

Feb 28 2022 Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve Reports: The Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve has received less rain than average so we are not sure how lusterous the poppy displays will be this year. There are many plants, and if they all make it to bloom, then we will have a nice bloom. If it gets too hot before they have a chance to bloom, then it will be a more modest bloom. Right now there are a few poppies blooming, maybe 30 to 40, along the north loop of the Antelope Trail, and only a few along the south loop of the Poppy Trail. There are a few lupine plants blooming on the Tehachapi Vista Trail. There are slender keel fruits blooming everywhere (not in profusion yet). Fiddlenecks are starting to bloom everywhere. There are a few red maids here and there. There are goldfields blooming along the south loop of the Poppy Trail - those should be coming along very soon. There are also a few tiny forget-me-nots along the north loop of the Antelope Trail. There will be more soon, along with larger ones. They come in various sizes.

It is still early for most of the poppies and other wildflowers to be blooming throughout the reserve. Before making the trip out to visit, please check the park’s webcam, which gives a real-time view of the rolling hills. Check the live poppy camera:

Feb 28 2022 Douglas Reports: Lots of wildflowers along Hwy 223 a few miles south of the intersection with Hwy 58, including many hillsides full of fiddlenecks, plus some nice patches of poppies and lupine. Additional patches of fiddlenecks are along Bena Rd. just north of Hwy 58. Photos taken 2/27/22

Feb 28 2022 Gary Reports: Photo 2/25/22 Hwy 223 coming from Tehachapi via Hwy 58 west near the Arvin Cross. poppies, fiddlenecks, lupin and more.


Feb 21 2022 Photojack Reports: Lake Elsinore First poppy blooms starting to show up at Lake Street in Lake Elsinore on Wednesday. Overnight rains certainly didn’t hurt but more rain would sure help.

Note: More rain is on the way.

Feb 21 2022 Douglas Reports: I didn’t have a chance to take photos, but was impressed today by lots of wildflowers in the western foothills of Tehachapi pass along Hwy 58 west of the turnoff to Hwy 223. Numerous large patches of poppies and even bigger areas of fiddlenecks.

Feb 15 2022 DUSA Reports: Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve: The spring wildflower season has started! The first poppy buds have been spotted at the Poppy Reserve, and there are a few poppies in bloom along Lancaster Road that leads to the Reserve. The Joshua trees in front of the visitor center have multiple buds, so they will be blooming this spring.

Slender keel fruit, red maids, hairy lotus, filaree and fiddlenecks all have open blossoms. The north loop of the Antelope trail has a carpet of poppy plants, so if they all survive without additional rain, we will have a nice bloom. The same goes for the many poppy plants along the south loop of the Poppy Trail. We will have additional updates soon. Photo by Michael Powell

Feb 15 2022 Zippyguy Reports: Chino Hills State Park on Sunday (Feb 13). I found a few poppies bloom. The park is located 10 miles northwest of Corona.

Feb 15 2022 Jim M Reports: Here are some pics from 2/9 at Dictionary Hill in Southern San Diego county. A lot of blooms are beginning to pop up all over the Hill, mostly on the north facing side. 

Feb 1 2022 DUSA Reports: Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve looks like early March for blooming to start, you can see a little green in web camera shot from today. link to web camera

Jan 10 2022 DUSA Reports: Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve bloom should start in late February, here is link to web camera.

Jan 5 2022 DUSA Reports: Carrizo Plain National Monument got a good rain in the end of December.

Jan 1 2022 Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve Reports: What a difference 24 hours can make! Since Wednesday 12/29 the Poppy Reserve has received almost 2 inches of rain! Season total is now approaching 6 inches! Very good news!

Web Camera 12-31-21



2021 Southern CA Wildflower Reports

Dec 27 2021 DUSA reports: Lots of rain in the last week of the year.

Oct 27 2021 Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve - DesertUSA Reports: The park only got about 0.5 of a inch of rain from the large storm that hit Northern California this week.

April 14 2021 Don reports: Highway 245 East of Visalia Ca. On 4 12 21. Road is very narrow and many blind curves , Be carefullOne photo is on highway 180 heading for Sequoia Park. Also , Watch for snakes, South West Coast rattler pictured.



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