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2024 Southern California Wildflower Reports


May 3, 2024 Ruby Reports: I took these photos at Inspiration Loop Trail of Will Rogers State Historic Park in Pacific Palisades, California, on May 2.

April 17, 2024 Kim Reports: Yellow flower covered hill (desert sunflowers and/or goldfields) taken at Pacific Crest Trail Walker Pass section.

April 9, 2024 Gale Reports: Beautiful outcropping of poppies, goldfields, and lupine. Due to cold temps and wet weather, the poppy reserve still hasn't bloomed. Temps are supposed to get up into the mid 80s by Thursday, and hopefully that'll jumpstart the area into blooming. 130th St. West & Avenue D in Lancaster, CA. Photos 4/6/24

April 5, 2024 Poppy Reserve/Mojave Desert Interpretive Association Reports: Today at the Poppy Reserve! Hail and snow. But the good news is that magenta owl's clover is starting to bloom along the North Poppy Loop trail and the trail between Kitanemuk Vista Point and Antelope Butte. Also, more grape sode lupine spotted. Not a great day today for visiting but warm weather in the coming days should bring out more color from owl's clover, lupine and goldfields. (Check the weather before you come.)

April 4, 2024 Jonathan Reports: As you can see from the first photo, Diamond Valley Lake is a bit of a dud this year compared to last year's kaleidoscope of color. I went there on Wednesday, April 4.  And while there were a few diamonds in the rough (pun intended) at the top of the wildflower loop trail for those willing to crouch, wait for the wind to die down, and use a macro lens, those beauties were few and far between and are already covered with crunching crawling critters. I paid my $15 fee at the gift shop and got about 8,500 steps in. But aside from the pretty drive getting there, the much-needed exercise, and lovely temperatures for the day, not much else to write home about.

March 29, 2024 David Reports: I took this photo of hills covered Ceanothus blooms near Valley Center, CA, in San Diego County on March 27.

March 27, 2024 Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve Reports: Poppies only open their flowers when the temperature is over 52F and it isn’t rainy or very windy *looks at the weather forecast* OH. Maybe next weekend will be better. Be prepared for unpredictable weather here in the Mojave desert.

March 22, 2024 Rena Reports: I took the 58 to Arvin yesterday.  There are some flowers sprouting up on the hills, but nothing too dramatic so far.  There were some fields of fiddlenecks here and there that were pretty nice.

March 21, 2024 Jeff Reports: drove up to Figueroa Mountain 3 /19 /24 first day of spring! good variety of wildflowers   up past ranger  station . should be more in the weeks ahead.

March 19, 2024 Gale Reports: Coming from Palmdale and heading South on Sierra Hwy, just after the 14 freeway on-ramp and past the Pearblossom Hwy bridge, turn left onto Angeles Forest Hwy. There are a few dirt roads off of the main road that allow you to get up-close to this impressive outcropping. Poppies, Tidy-Tips, and a very small patch of Lupine (directly at the foot of the powerline stanchions) are what I found. 



March 18, 2024 Anggara Reports: I drove to Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve today, 3/17/2024 and did not even enter the park. Nothing to get excited of there. Meanwhile north of Hwy 138 the poppies start to bloom. Some violet wild flowers start to show potential too.

March 17, 2024 Curry Reports: Photos taken by Curry Sawyer on Figueroa Mountain in California on March 16th. Shooting Stars and Chocolate Lily.

March 17, 2024 Harriot Reports: Wind Wolves Preserve and the fields around Maricopa in the San Joaquin Valley are getting rolling too!



March 14, 2024 DUSA Reports: Diamond Valley Lake (Hemet Area) wildflowers are blooming, this a fee area and may not be open on Mondays.

March 14, 2024 Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve Reports: Cold night time temperatures has kept growth slow for the poppies. Fiddlenecks stretch up and unfurl spirals of yellow flowers. Patches of pink red stem filaree are tinting the hillsides. But mostly, everything is still growing and haven't opened their blossoms to the world. Keep an eye for warmer conditions ahead and we shall see what the future spring bloom will be. Remember, at 3,000ft elevation, it is still winter. Time to wait and be patient for the weather.

March 8, 2024 Tis Reports: Taken on 3-6-2024.  This was just off of Charlie Brown Hwy (Ca. 178) going toward Shoshone in Tecopa County.Did not see the spider on the Desert fivespot when we took the photo.

March 4, 2024 Christina Reports: I went to Walker Canyon north of Lake Elsinore, Ca yesterday on 3/3/24. There were no poppies and a very small number of wildflowers by the creeks.  There were a moderate number of poppies on the side of I-15 north of Escondido and through Rainbow. 

Feb 27, 2024 Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve Reports: The Poppy visitor center opens March 1st. Can someone tell the poppies? There are a few out on the Reserve, but most are still growing. We have had more rain which will increase invasive weed growth. As people start to see flowers grow to the south, keep in mind that we are at elevation and our temps have been cooler. A hike on Friday showed fiddlenecks, filaree, the occasional poppy or locoweed. Still a few weeks out until more flowers bloom.

Feb 20, 2024 Kris Reports: Walker Canyon 2/17/24 - it is early in the season so I didn't expect much in the way of poppies or other flowers.  So I was not surprised to see no poppies at all.  However, I also didn't see ANY established poppy plants visible from the trail, and very few small sprouts that I thought could be poppies.  Blooms may be late and few but recent rains could help.  There were a few other flowers here and there but not much. And some plants that were not yet blooming.


Feb 5, 2024 DUSA Reports: Major rainstorms in Southern California for the next few days. This should be good for the future bloom of wildflowers.

Feb 5, 2024 DUSA Reports: Rain at the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve State Natural Reserve. Click here for live views of the Poppy Reserve!

Feb 2, 2024 Greg Reports: A beautiful wildlfower image in North Algodones Dunes, CA. This post is shared from DesertUSA's Facebook group, Desert Wildflowers & Wildlife. Photo by Greg McCracken.

Jan 22, 2024 DUSA Reports: Lots of rain in Southern California today.

Jan 1, 2024 DUSA Reports: It should be a good wildflower year.









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