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2019 Joshua Tree National Park and nearby

March 8, 2019 Helen reports: Photos were taken on March 5 along  the south end of Cottonwood Spring Rd inside Joshua Tree National Park. (map)

March 6, 2019 Craig reports: Road into Cottonwood Springs from I-10 (map)

March 6, 2019 Randy reports: I shot these in an area off Pinto Basin Rd (map) on February 28, Joshua Tree Nat. Park.

March 3, 2019 Don reports: Wildflower bloom in Cottonwood Bajada Canyon, March 1, 2019
One of my favorite spots for cactus bloom viewing later, the Cottonwood Canyon walls were covered in Sand Blazing Star, Gold Poppies, Brittlebush, Desert Chicory, Desert Pincushion, Chia, Desert Star, and Desert Spruce. Overcast conditions in the early morning hours made for perfect wildflower picture taking.

March 2, 2019 Leon reports: Pictures were taken Feb 28 around the area before and after Bajada Nature Trail along Cottonwood south of Joshua Tree. (map),

March 1, 2019 Mary reports: Very exciting to see this good flower year at Joshua Tree National park. Driving in from the North Entrance, WILSON CANYON is coming into bloom.  Some hillsides are yellow with Poppies and gravel areas are yellow with Coreopsis and Wallace’s Eriophyllum.  I counted 16 species in bloom in Wilson Canyon including Rock Daisy, Purple Mat and Chia.   A good place to see the blooms is at the base of Wilson Canyon at the Silver Bell Mine exhibit. 

In the PINTO BASIN flowers are starting to bloom in the lower elevations, but not showy with most of the blooms Cryptanthaand Brown-Eyed Primrose. I also found a few clumps of Sand Verbena and Poppies and a few Phacelia, Desert Dandelion and Chicory blooming . The WASHES just south of the COTTONWOOD VISITOR CENTER have a number of plants sprouting with a few Canterbury Bells and Poppies in bloom.

The SOUTH BOUNDARY is still a riot of wildflowers along the last two or three miles of the road before the park border off of I-10.  The flowers were fresh and more thickly packed than I have ever seen them there. The Poppies, Lupine and Desert Dandelion made a pale yellow, gold and purple patchwork, with Purple Mat, Chia, Bigelow flowers, Desert Star, and Shredding Evening Primrose underneath.


Feb 27, 2019 Tod reports: These were all taken Sunday, February 24, near or adjacent to the Bajada Trail (map), Joshua National Park.  Lupine and brittlebush all over.  Desert poppies becoming more common, desert dandelion scattered.  Looks like i caught a painted lady, flapping across the dandelions.

I later walked the trail to Lost Palms Oasis.  Much fewer flowers there, but still some (not pictured).  I saw one large bush of mallow (desert mallow, presumably), and Mojave aster in two spots.  Fiddlenecks and phacelia in bloom in a few spots, and even fewer Canterbury bells in bloom (but lots of buds!).  A lot of the brittlebush were gone to seed, and seemed past peak.  The others were still heading towards peak bloom.  Several other flowers that I could not identify, both on the Lost Palms Oasis trail and back at the Bajada.

Feb 23, 2019 Marion reports: The snowy photo was taken in Joshua Tree National Park on February 21, 2019 while hiking the West Side Loop Trail in the NW side of the park.

The other 2 images were taken February 22, 2019 also in Joshua Tree between the Bajada Nature Trail and the southern boundary of the park. Wildflower and hummingbird viewing is superb in that area right now.

Feb 23, 2019 Lynn reports: There are a lot of purple lupine in bloom near the South entrance to Joshua Tree National Park.  Just past the park sign as you drive in on Cottonwood Springs Road from the I-10, you will see fields of purple lupine and some yellow brittle bush on both sides of the road.  There are some poppies coming up in some areas on the west side of the road. The palm tree photos were taken at Cottonwood Springs Oasis and Trail head near the Visitor’s Center.  There aren’t any flowers anywhere else in the park according to the Ranger, only those found along the south entrance to the park. Roads are still being works on by the park, the rain caused some damage to the paved roads.

Feb 22, 2019 Paul reports: Joshua Tree - photos on road leading to South entrance. We didn't go far into Joshua Tree and didn't see many flowers past the entrance ranger station.

Feb 19, 2019 Bryan reports: Went up Cottonwood Canyon, Joshua Tree NP South entrance, on Feb. 17th. Wildflowers are quite numerous and diverse at the south boundary. Walked east ~1 mile and saw lots of different flowering species (15?), plus quite a number of butterflies and a few hummingbirds too. Driving north about one mile, before entering the canyon, and the flowers along the east side of the road are very dense with a slightly different mix of flowering plants. Also some ocotillo flowering and leafing out. Beautiful day!

Feb 19, 2019 Alison reports: Snow day in the upper part of the park.

Feb 16, 2019 Becky reports: South entrance Joshua tree 2/12/2019

Feb 16, 2019 Michael reports: These were taken last Sunday 2/10/2019 off the 10 Fwy at Red Cloud Mine Road, then on to Gas Line Road where most pictures were taken.  Walking up larger canyons crossing the road produced a lot of flowers.

Feb 15, 2019 Joshua Tree NP reports: Areas of the park are flooding due to excessive rain. Please use caution when visiting! Crews are out assessing damage. There is running water on most of the paved roads and all dirt roads remain closed.

Feb 14, 2019 DesertUSA reports: Lots of rain in the park today, all dirt roads are closed, and flash floods on some roads.

Feb 13, 2019 Ann reports: Joshua Tree area between I-10 and the South entrance of the park.
Fields of lupine and poppies and multiple small flowers mixed in.

Feb 11, 2019 Don reports: Wildflowers - Cottonwood Bajada Trail - February 8, 2019 Snow-covered San Bernardino Mountains in the distance.

Desert Lupine

Desert Blazing Star

White and pink Desert Pincushion on same stalk

Canterbury Bells only beginning to bloom

Road damage from recent rains.

Feb 6, 2019 Joshua Tree NP reports: Due to heavy rain on Saturday, February 2nd, 2019, all dirt roads in the park are closed until further notice.

Feb 4, 2019 Mary reports: North of I-10 freeway off Cottonwood Road between freeway and Joshua Tree Park entrance. Flowers are extremely plentiful for approximately the first ¾ mile north of the freeway but become scarce as you continue driving. Map Link

Jan 30, 2019 Tom reports: The park has a green floor virtually all over.  There were at least a few belly-flowers to be found wherever I went.  Along the roads, bladderpod and brittlebush are in bloom.  There are early flowers of indigo bush, desert lavender, and other shrubs. South of Cottonwood Visitor Center all the way to the 10, the bloom is well underway — the nearer to the 10 you get, the more you see fields of Lupine, Mojave Gold Poppy and Desert Dandelion.  I also saw the start of some ocotillo, and thickleaf ground cherry, chuparosa, globe mallow, Mojave suncups, Booth’s evening primrose, brown-eyed primrose, chia, desert pincushion, notch-leaf phacelia, sand blazing star, and many others species.  I even found a mature-sized white-lined sphinx caterpillar (the early worm avoids the bird, maybe…?).  The predicted rains should keep things rolling, let’s hope.

Jan 30, 2019 Meir reports: There are a lot of flowers along I-10 E  from Indio all the way to Chiriaco summit. Also on the south entrance to Joshua Tree National Park.  South entrance to Joshua Tree off I-10. Lots of lupine and other types of wildflowers.

Jan 28, 2019 Robert reports: In Joshua Tree National Park on the West Side Loop Trail, Manzanita are blooming with white flowers. January 23rd.

Jan 22, 2019 Jeffrey reports: Light rain falling as we arrived at the southern entrance to Joshua Tree on Tuesday, January 15. Many brittlebush, bladderpod and ocotillo in bloom.  Chuperosa about to bloom.  We saw indigo bush, lupine, brown-eye evening primrose, Spanish needle, apricot mallow and sand verbena.  Very little in bloom in the vicinity of the Cottonwood Visitors Center. 

Jan 14, 2019 DesertUSA reports: More rain is on the way. Three to four days of rain is in the forecast for the area. Wildflowers have already started. This should help a lot in the southern half of the park.

Jan 10, 2019 DesertUSA reports: Visited the south entrance of the park which is off of I-10. I was surprised by the number of wildflowers in bloom at this date and more rain is on the way, looks like it's going to be a good wildflower year.

Jan 1, 2019 Mike reports: The attached pictures were taken yesterday near the west entrance of Joshua Tree National Park, about a mile after entering the canyon heading towards the park.

Jan 1, 2019 DesertUSA reports: Could be a good year for wildflowers, there has been rain in the area and there's more in the forecast.

2018 Joshua Tree National Park - Wildflower Reports

Dec 26, 2018 Mike reports: Sunday, for the third time I tried going from Mecca through Box Canyon to Joshua Tree and out your side of the park.  Ever since the big downpour, in October the road has been closed.  

I hadn’t checked Google Maps to see if the road had opened until I got to Mecca because I was already out in the area.  The mapstill showed just the beginning of the canyon closed so I figured I’d go see what it looked like since I was so close.  Being the law abiding citizen I am, I followed the dirt road that has been created around the barricades, past the people killing cans and who knows what else to quickly discover flowers blooming in December!  Driving my off-road worthy VW Jetta, I decided to continue on and see what else I’d find, after all the map showed just the beginning of the canyon closed.  Turns out the barricades at the other end were up by the 10 freeway, rightly so since most of the road is gone, or at least in pieces here and there.  There was a lot of water that went down that canyon!  I found parts of trees washed up side canyons five or more feet higher than what is now the canyon floor.

Anyway, the few flower pictures I took probably would have been better taken with my phone.  Below is a link to a few flower pictures and of the canyon, and if you look closely in some of the pano shots you can see pieces of the road here and there.

I’m pretty sure it is going to be a good desert wildflower year!

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