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2024 Joshua Tree NP and Coachella Valley Region reports


April 24, 2024 Tess Reports: We stopped at various places from 29 Palms headed toward cottonwood. Our first stop was on Park blvd about halfway between the park entrance and Pinto basin Road. Lots of dandelion and poppies very beautiful. The Beaver tale and hedgehog cactus were also putting on a good show. Chia, bigelow tickseed phacelia, tansy mustard and more. 

Further down the road, the globe mallow lined the roads and was lovely. 

Closer to cottonwood, the cholla and ocotillo were in full glory with the cholla looking like it's about halfway through. The desert lavender smelled heavenly. 

Towards cottonwood, we saw Canterbury bells and a few chuparosa. We saw a striking display of white-lined moth larvae - huge caterpillars chomping in Arizona lupine, then skittering down the denuded stems, off to the next. They were everywhere. We watched for a long time. That was at the Bajada nature trail. 

April 15, 2024 Mary Reports: Some beautiful fields of poppies and other flowers are developing the first four miles inside the Twentynine Palms entrance. The flower fields south of the Cottonwood Visitor Center still looked fresh. I found areas of good blooms in Wilson Canyon and Pinto Basin including a surprise find of a desert five spot.  Park Boulevard had fewer blooms than the above places though I saw a couple Mojave mound cactus coming into bloom. Overall, I saw 40+ species blooming in the park including chia, lupine, desert dandelions, scale bud, beavertail cactus, purple mat and desert stars. It is stunning there right now. 


April 9, 2024 Text Reports: Very expansive wildflower super bloom in Joshua Tree. On cottonwood springs road, just a little north of the Bajada nature trailhead.

April 1, 2024 Stephen Reports: Great display of San Verbena and Primrose at the Coachella Valley Wildlife Refuge just west of Indio. Flowers are right at peak now. View from Ave 38. Unfortunately you can't enter the refuge so you'll have to view from outside the barbed wire fence.

March 29, 2024 Robert Reports: I was near the Coachella Valley Reserve on Ramon Rd and Washington Rd as well as the Cottonwood area of Joshua Tree just before the visitor center on 3-24-24.The Ranger said they do not expect much more in Joshua Tree as they only got 2” of rain this year.

March 29, 2024 Daryl Reports: Drove through Joshua Tree 3/27 and  saw lots of yellow poppy wildflowers carpeting a vast area on both sides of the road near the Cottonwood park entrance sign.

March 29, 2024 Stephen Reports: By far the best flowers in Joshua Tree NP are just beyond the entry sign at the Cottonwood entrance. Fields of bright yellow poppies . Scattered flowers in the rest of the park.

March 28, 2024 Greg L Reports: Joshua Tree National Park, Cottonwood Springs Rd., about 1-3 miles north of the park entrance.

Palm Desert CA, Coachella Wildlife Refuge,
pictures taken from Avenue 38 looking north.

March 27, 2024 DUSA Reports: Cactus are starting to bloom. Wildflowers in bloom at Cottonwood entrance of the park.

March 22, 2024 Jane Reports: Joshua Tree NP, Cottonwood Spring Trail, first 2 miles of trail. March 16&17

March 22, 2024 Steve & Greta Report: Yesterday my friend Greta and I saw an outstanding display of sand verbena and desert primrose. We were at the southeast corner of the Coachella Valley National Wildlife Refuge.  The location is on Ave 38 about 1/4 mile west of the junction of on AVE 38 & Washington Street in Thousand Palms 92276. My photos aren’t very good, but the view looking north was quite stunning with sand verbena and desert primrose as far mas the eye could see.  Also there were many outcroppings of Spanish needle, and sunflowers.

March 18, 2024 Dan Reports:  Edom Hill Rd., Cathedral City, CA on the way up to Burrtec Waste and Recovery. Also, you will see a dirt trek wide enough for vehicles ( 4wd only ). We parked at the bottom and walked up. Great views going up and from the top of the hill.


March 11, 2024 Lauen Reports: The photos were taken on March 4 at Coachella Valley Preserve.

March 9, 2024 Angela Reports: Pictures taken March 7, 2024.Location:  Along Varner Road in Cathedral City, between MountainView Road and Date Palm Dr. (past Date Palm Dr. also). Photos taken by Angela Kenny.

March 9, 2024 Kris Reports: Massive wildflower bloom, Desert Hot Springs area, Varner Road betwee Palm Road and Rio Del Sol, but especially between Date Palm Dr to Rio Del Sol.  Lots of different types of flowers including Lupine.


March 4, 2024 Paul Reports: Cathedral Canyon Trail to Dunn Rd. it's starting to kick.  A lot of juvenile Lupine and flowering: Fremont's Pincushion widespread, Brown Eyes, ghost Flower, Gold Poppy, Distant Phacelia and Scorpionweed.

March 1, 2024 DesertUSA Reports: Some Desert Bluebells spotted at the Cottonwood entrance of the park.

Feb 25, 2024 Alan Reports: Blooms off of Varner Road just north of Palm Springs.


Feb 5, 2024 Donald Reports: I went hiking along Box Canyon Road and into three different canyons and found about 19 different wildflowers in bloom. Here are a few of my photographs:

Soft Prairie Clover

Endangered Mecca Woodyaster

Desert Needles

Emory's Rockdaisy

Heartleaf Suncup

Jan 22, 2024 Donald Reports: I went hiking along the Pushwalla Trail to the Hidden Palms Trail and found about 17 different wildflowers in bloom. Here are few pictures.

Jan 22, 2024 DUSA Reports: Light rain in the Joshua Tree NP and Coachella Valley Region.

Jan 10, 2024 Jasmyn Reports: Sand Verbena is blooming in parts of Palm Desert, CA. 

Jan 1, 2024 DUSA Reports: It should be a good wildflower year. Some wildflowers are in bloom now from recent rains.






2023 Joshua Tree National Park and nearby

Dec 27 2023 Jonathan Reports: Thanks to the recent storms in the Coachella Valley, you don't need to drive very far to see some amazing wildflower displays. These photos were taken just north of Varner Road, which parallels the 10 Freeway, about a mile west of the Washington Street exit. Unlike Borrego Springs, where the verbena along Henderson Canyon Road are best photographed in the early morning just before and after sunrise, the display here in Palm Desert looks awesome just before and after sunset, which is when these photos were taken (much more convenient!).  The locals tell me that the wildflowers are also blooming at the south entrance to Joshua Tree National Park, and I'll be checking them myself in a few more days.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Oct 1 2023 Joshua Tree NP reports: October 1st-7th is Desert Tortoise Week! Through the next few days, Joshua Tree National Park will be celebrating the Desert tortoise here and in the park.

Sept 16 2023 Joshua Tree NP reports: Shrimp in the desert? Yup. Fairy shrimp eggs can lie dormant for years in the soil of dry pools and potholes. Once they fill with water and the right conditions occur, these eggs can activate, hatch, grow, and mature. The adults will then deposit eggs before the pool dries up once again.

Last month, tropical storm Hilary dropped 1-4 inches of rain on different parts of the park. Before the storm, the Barker Dam reservoir was bone dry. After the storm, it was filled with water, fairy shrimp, tadpoles, and aquatic insects.

Sept 3 2023 Joshua Tree NP reports: Storm damage has affected the water main at Cottonwood Campground. For safety, campers should be prepared to boil all collected water until the main can be treated and repaired. All campfires and grill fires are prohibited until further notice. Smoking is not allowed within 10 feet of vegetation.


May, 25 2023 Pam & Richard report: Various kinds of cacti were in bloom at the park, especially near the entrances at either end (on May 18, 2023).  The cholla were past blooming stage and were making fruit.  The ocotillo flowers are over.  If you only drive through, you might not notice the plants flowering, but if you get out and walk around, you’ll see quite a few.  A surprise was a stunning group of low-to-the-ground orange Desert Mariposa Lilies east of the Ryan Ranch Trailhead.   A tip is to always have some tweezers with you while walking in the desert.  It was a real lifesaver when a spine went up through my shoe!

May, 8 2023 Marianne reports: All photos taken today, 5/1/23 at Joshua Tree on the road north thru Cottonwood Springs and then cutting over to Skull Rock and up and out through Joshua Tree. Lots of them are tiny little flowers, but so much there if you're looking! 

May, 1 2023 Brandon Thomas reports: Still plenty to see in Joshua Tree. Barker Dam Loop has Chia, Mojave Thistle, Eureka Dunes Evening Primrose, Desert Rock-peas, Canterbury Bells, Devil's Lettuce, Red-Stemmed Filaree. Desert Marigold, and many more. Be sure to look in the shady nooks to either side of the trail. The Mound Cactus blooms are coming in now.

The Teddybear Chollas and Hedge-Hog Cactus at Cholla Garden are just coming in. Lastly, the wildflowers between Highway 62 near Desert Hot Springs and Big Bear are off the hook. Its a great time to see yellow and purple hills with a snow-capped peak in the distance. 

All photos were taken on Barker Dam Loop Trail, except for the Cholla and Big Bear shots, which were taken at Cholla Gardens and Highway 62 near Desert Hot Springs 4/25/23.

April, 20 2023 Bart reports: My girlfriend and I drove through the park on Sunday the 16th, and took some great pics. They're from all over the park, and seemed to be in higher concentrations closer to either of the park entrances. My girlfriend and I have been together a long time, and I thought, what better place to propose than in a field of super bloom wild flowers! We'll have great memories of our engagement for years to come.

April, 20 2023 Tod reports: April 19. Along the Pacific Crest Trail,near where it crosses Cottonwood Road, in Whitewater. Exit 110 off I-10 (Haugen-Lehmann Way), north until it hit Cottonwood Road, then right, to the end of the pavement.

Walked maybe 100 yards north on the road, until the trail crossed, then walked about 3/4 of a mile north on the trail. Thick brittlebush all over. Some patches of Fremont pincushion. A few cacti in bloom, and a few lupine. But mostly brittlebush.

April, 17 2023 Ajar reports: Here are the picutures from "Cottonwood Canyon"  South entrance of Joshua tree National Park . Photos taken on 4/15/23

April, 15 2023 Frank reports: My drive from South entrance to North Joshua Tree entrance.

South: Most variety Hill leading up to Cottonwood. Plentiful

North: From Joshua Tree to hill leading into park entrance and a bit beyond mainly Yellow Dandelion capet the landscape, not much variety but spectacular sight. Heavy saturation

Note park overflowing with visitors.

April, 10 2023 Corinne reports: Trail to Arch Rock JTNP 4/8/23

April, 5 2023 Rick reports: We beat the dust storm yesterday (4/3) and found a forest of lilies among other blooms east of 29 Palms. These photos were taken just south of hwy. 62 near Ironage rd. 

April, 2 2023 Doug reports: The photo below was taken on April 1. Scarlet milkvetch blooming in the hills above the town of Joshua Tree. Also, desert poppies currently blooming in many small patches. Carpets of desert dandelion poised to bloom in the next few days.

Mar 31 2023 Janice Abreu reports: Most of Joshua Tree NP is pretty bare still, but the Wilson Canyon area is doing its best to buck the trend. Photos taken 3/27/23

Mar 27 2023 Kris reports: Some really good areas of wildflowers along Cottonwood Springs Road entering Joshua Tree National Park today, 3/25/23.  Not as widespread and abundant as 2019 but some excellent spots.  Also some along Cottonwood Oasis Road and Pinto Basin.  Various types of flowers mingling together.


Mar 23 2023 Tom Reports: Tom reports: 22 miles east of Twentynine Palms on highway 62 and Desert Lily Sanctuary 

Mar 21 2023 Kim Reports: On Saturday March 18 early morning I took a friend to see the flowers in the pinto basin washes at sunrise. Lovely show!

Mar 21 2023 Katie Reports: March 15, 2023 at Box canyon road just south of entrance to Joshua tree( ghost flower and sand blazing star) the rest were in a wash inside the park south of Cottonwood campground.



Mar 21 2023 Todd Reports: Saturday, March 18, North Palm Springs, just south of I-10 and west of Indian Canyon Drive. You can see it from the freeway. I exited at Indian Canyon and turned right, drove a bit on the frontage road (Garnet Avenue). Parked and shot from near Garnet, as the windmills are posted "No Trespassing." Fields of desert dandelion under the windmills. 

Mar 20 2023 Todd Reports: Near the Bajada trail, JTNP. Pretty, but unrepresentative. Scattered lupine, desert (Mexican gold) poppy, brittlebush, desert bluebells, and yellowcups along road, from I-10 past the Bajada Trail. Very little on the actual Bajada Trail, although the one ocotillo there is starting to bloom.

Lots of gold poppies, bluebells and others in the washes and adjacent to the road, from about 1-3 miles south of Cottonwood ranger station. Lower densities but nice varieties further from the road, on my hike to Golden Bee mine.

Mar 20 2023 Wynne Reports: Pinto Basin and Cottonwood wash.

Mar 19 2023 Tim Reports: March 18 ,near the Cottonwood  gate at Joshua Tree. 

Mar 19 2023 Charity Reports:  We entered at 29 Palms and left at the west entrance to the town of Joshua Tree.  Between the 29 Palms entrance station and the turnoff to Pinto Basin/Cottonwood there were some nice displays of Coreopsis on the west side of the road.  The only other flowers we saw were west of Hidden Valley, where a brief walk off the main road yielded Wallace’s Wooly Daisy and White Tidy-tips.  The Joshua Trees are blooming along this section of the road as well.  There seemed to be plenty of green shoots around so likely there will be more wildflowers in this area as the season progresses.  Fiddleneck seemed to be coming out in some abundance as well. 

Mar 18 2023 Charity Reports: I took these photos on the Utah Canyon Trail in the Mecca Hills Wilderness on Sunday March 12.  The entire Mecca Hills Wilderness that I saw is a veritable flower garden right now, with many species in bloom and some rather large specimens.  The Blazing Star bushes and Ghost Flower plants were especially impressive.  I was happy to find the Desert Five Spot at the start of the trail.  I found 19 different species in bloom.  Box Canyon road itself is beautiful right now, with many pullouts to stop and admire the many varieties in bloom.  

Mar 13 2023 Don Reports: Here are some of my Cottonwood Pass and Cottonwood Canyon Joshua Tree National Park photos. I saw an abundance of Arizona Lupine, Bristly Fiddleneck, Coulter's Lupine, Cryptic Desert Poppy, Desert Bluebells, Desert Pincushion, Gravel Ghost, Little Desert Poppy, Sand Blazingstar, etc.  Spectacular arrays of wildflowers.  Still too early to call it a Super Bloom, however, with recent rains, it's on the verge.  Joshua Tree National Park, March 11, 2023.


Mar 11 2023 Serena Reports: This was in Joshua Tree NP on 03/10/2023. I found these in the Porcupine Wash in Pinto Basin. The exact coordinates of these photos were at 33.83708° N, 115.77459° W

Mar 10 2023 Mary Reports: Almost any variety of desert flower you might want to see is blooming in the wash on the west side of the road coming in from the south entrance to Joshua Tree National Park, just a few miles into the park.  Flowers include: poppies, lupin, chia, monkey flower, canterbury bells, purple mat, sand blazing star, desert star, whispering bells and more.  There are scatter blooms in the overall area by the south entrance.  I did not drive the whole park, but did not see many blooms other than a few blooms in the pinto basin area.


Mar 9 2023 Mark Reports: Wildflowers on a recent trip (March 6, 2023) to Joshua Tree NP. Lower elevations, on the Lost Palms Oasis trail and along Cottonwood Springs Road south of Cottonwood visitor center. Sporadic flowers are blooming but noticed lots of small buds waiting for warmer weather. 



Mar 9 2023 Connie Reports: Joshua trees are blooming along the road near the Joshua Tree entrance to the Park, and there is a lot of green growth but no blooming wildflowers in that same area just yet. Wildflowers are still blooming along the road south of the Cottonwood visitor center toward the Bajada Nature Trail. The Bajada nature trail still has some blooms of lupine, brown eyed primrose  and poppies. Desert lilies, verbena and evening primrose are blooming along 177 about 7-8 miles east of Desert Center, but I couldn’t find any lilies at the Lily Preserve. 

Feb 26 2023 Kim Reports: Took the photos in Pinto Basin washes.

Feb 20 2023 Spencer Reports: Whitewater offramp off I-10 west of Palm Springs. There is a beautiful display of poppies, bluebells, and popcorn flowers on the south-facing hill at the offramp, well worth stopping. Whitewater itself, further up the canyon, is well worth checking out as well.

Feb 16 2023 DUSA Reports: Wildflowers along the road south of the Cottonwood Visitor Center. Notch-leaf Scorpionweed


Feb 6 2023 Ranboze Reports: Plenty of blooms near the Bajada Nature Trail and Box Canyon on Feb 4. Mostly lupine, desert gold poppy, desert dandelion, brown-eyed primrose, chia, phacelia, and purple mat. Ghost flowers were in Box Canyon.

Box Canyon Ghost Flower

Feb 3 2023 DesertUSA Reports: A few wildflowers have been reported at the southern entrance near the Cottonwood Visitor Center. From the park's website: Wildflowers may begin blooming in the lower elevations of the Pinto Basin and along the park's south boundary in February and at higher elevations in March and April. Desert regions above 5,000 feet may have plants blooming as late as June.

Jan 17 2023 DesertUSA Reports: More rain fell in the park, the wildflower outlook is good at this point in time.

Jan 9 2023 DesertUSA Reports: The Park received a some of rain last week. More rain is foretasted for this week. Wildflowers may begin blooming in the lower elevations of the Pinto Basin and along the park's south boundary in February and at higher elevations in March and April. Desert regions above 5,000 feet may have plants blooming as late as June.

Jan 1 2023 DUSA Reports: 20% chance of rain today in the park.





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