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Horned LizardHorned Lizard

Painted Pewter, just like the real thing. Only $49.95



By Lynn Hassler Kaufman

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Rattlesnakes and scorpions for lunch? Yes, to a hungry roadrunner these dangerous entrees are delicious treats. Roadrunners- ground-dwelling members of the cuckoo family- generally dine upon smaller birds, reptiles, and insects, including venomous creatures they can eat without suffering ill effects. Well-adapted to life on the ground, these birds can sprint up to 15 miles per hour, and they have managed to walk, or run, their way into the hearts of millions. Roadrunners have inspired their share of tall tales- as well as popular cartoons. Many Native American cultures ascribe supernatural and protective powers to them, and in parts of Mexico, the bird is affectionately nicknamed paisano, meaning "compatriot" or "fellow countryman."

Capture the spirit of the West in the palm of your hand. Each book in the Look West Series presents in words and pictures a unique aspect of the American West.

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