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Possible alien on bed

New Mexico's Space Triangle

The Chihuahua Desert hides a kind of space that extends beyond the horizon, the kind that inspires visionary rocket scientists, secret government research, conspiracy theories, and religious cult leaders. More...

Trail across the lava

Sunset Crater
A Journey Through Time

It erupted about 900 years ago, changing the surrounding landscape and the lives of people in the area. I could only imagine the hot lava scorching, burning to ashes everything in its path. More...

Scarlet Hedgehog Cactus

Cactus Wrangling

Cactus, cowboys, cattle wranglers, and poachers? Well, it's not the 1800's anymore, but we've still got wranglers and poachers. Yes, a little bit of the wild west still clings to this place. The wrangling I’m talking about isn't cattle wrangling though. More...

Wyatt Earp

Desert Lawman and Adventurer

Wyatt Earp is best known as the fearless frontier lawman of Wichita and Dodge City, Kansas, and as principal survivor of the Gunfight at the OK Corral. But the Marshall Earp of legend accounted for only about 5 years of Wyatt's long and eventful life. More...

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Desert Animals

What animals live in the desert? How do animals survive in the desert? Learn about mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians that have adapted to the harsh desert ecosystems. Here is a list of animals that live in the desert with links to additional information on each animal. Learn how they survive in the desert biome. More...

Ironwood Tree

Desert Plants

How do plants survive the desert? Desert flora have adapted to the extremes of heat and aridity by using both physical and behavioral mechanisms, much like desert animals. Here are links to the flora found in the deserts, with photos and information about each plant. More...

Red Rock

Desert Life - Animals, Plants, People and the Environment

Deserts cover more than one fifth of the Earth's land, and they are found on every continent. Deserts can be classified as "hot" or "cold". Deserts receive less than 10 inches of precipitation a year. Lack of water creates a survival problem for all desert organisms, animals, plants and people. More...

SARA Park Wash

Desert Activities - Explore the Desert

The desert is a wonderful place to enjoy the outdoors and to spend time in recreational activities. People go to the desert to camp, to hike, to bike, to fish, to explore and to experience the unique environment found only in the American Southwest and its deserts. Visitors travel the desert to take in the views and enjoy the wide open space around them. More...

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Mitchell Caverns

Mitchell Caverns

Providence Mountain State Recreation Area, the home of Mitchell Caverns, will reopen to the public on November 3, 2017. Mitchell Caverns has been closed since January 2011. The park will be open Friday through Sunday and on holidays. More...

Afton Canyon

Afton Canyon

Take a long look as you drive along that lonely stretch of highway between Barstow and Baker, Calif. Just over there, to the southeast, see those yellowish hills with dark green knobs? See the train chugging along what looks like a river of golden sand? More...

Ruins of Tumco

Cinnamon Geode Beds

Many of those who have dug for thundereggs at the Colorado Desert's famous Hauser Geode Beds or Potato Patch are also aware of the existence of the nearby Cinnamon Beds. More...

Mesquite Catkins

Mesquite Bean

During the inevitable droughts and deprivations of desert frontier days, mesquite trees served up the primary food source for caravans and settlers. Mesquite beans became "manna from heaven". More...

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life straw

Prospecting? Here's how to look for gold in the desert.

Hot temperatures in the desert

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