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Two Dinosaurs at Borrego Springs

Art Sculptures of Borrego Springs

You'll see sculptures of wild horses in a nearby field, sabertooth tigers in pursuit, and desert tortoises that seem as if they're crawling through the brush. The artist, Ricardo Breceda, brings life to his sculptures by capturing each creature in motion. The artworks range from prehistoric mammals to fanciful dinosaurs, and a 350-foot-long fanciful serpent. More...

UFO Conference at Giant Rock

The Giant Rock and UFOs

I have to wonder, are we really alone? Of course, many people have asked that question. I'd like to tell you about one of them, and about Giant Rock, located near Landers, California. The man's name was George Van Tassel and he had a friend who lived in a 400 square foot hollow underneath the huge boulder. More...


The Pronghorn

Entirely unique on this planet, the pronghorn's scientific name, Antilocapra americana, means "American antelope goat." But the deer-like pronghorn is neither antelope nor goat -- it is the sole surviving member of an ancient family dating back 20 million years. More...

NIghtfall in the Desert

The Desert at Night

There was a full moon, and a gray haze covered the desert night. Each of my steps was placed with care, as I felt the ground through the black tread of my boots. The trees creaked through the wind, their contorted arms looming over the trail. More...

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Barn Owl

Desert Animals

What animals live in the desert? How do animals survive in the desert? Learn about mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians that have adapted to the harsh desert ecosystems. Here is a list of animals that live in the desert with links to additional information on each animal. Learn how they survive in the desert biome. More...


Desert Plants

How do plants survive the desert? Desert flora have adapted to the extremes of heat and aridity by using both physical and behavioral mechanisms, much like desert animals. Here are links to the flora found in the deserts, with photos and information about each plant. More...

Amboy Crater

Desert Life - Animals, Plants, People and the Environment

Deserts cover more than one fifth of the Earth's land, and they are found on every continent. Deserts can be classified as "hot" or "cold". Deserts receive less than 10 inches of precipitation a year. Lack of water creates a survival problem for all desert organisms, animals, plants and people. More...

Mesa Verde

Desert Activities -
Explore the Desert

The desert is a wonderful place to enjoy the outdoors and to spend time in recreational activities. People go to the desert to camp, to hike, to bike, to fish, to explore and to experience the unique environment found only in the American Southwest and its deserts. More...

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Cave Creek Canyon

Mitchell Caverns

Mitchell Caverns consists of three basic caves that Mitchell called "El Pakiva," or the Devil's House; "Tecopa," named for one of the last chiefs of the Shoshone Indians; and the deep and vertical "Winding Stair Cave," a dangerous cavern that is off-limits to the general public. More...

Cave Creek Canyon

Touring Apache Country

The story of the Apache is an integral part of southeastern Arizona's history, yet far more than that. It is part of this beautiful land, much of it still the way it was when the Apache lived here. This was the home of Cochise. This was the land of Geronimo. More...

Roadrunner with Lizard

Spotting Desert Wildlife

One of the hottest and most expansive deserts in North America, the Sonoran Desert covers 120,000 square miles of California, Arizona, and Mexico. This beautiful and varied landscape is brimming with a broad array of wondrous wildlife. More...

Carlsbad Caverns

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

The park contains 83 separate caves, including the nation's deepest limestone cave -- 1,597 feet -- and third longest: Carlsbad Cavern, with one of the world's largest underground chambers and countless formations. It is also highly accessible, with a variety of tours offered year-round. More...

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