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National Parks and Monuments

Death Valley National Park
Great Basin National Park
Lake Mead NRA
Lake Mohave
Hoover Dam

Nevada Facts
Capital: Carson City
Land Area:
109,826 sq. miles
Population: 2,241,154
Highest Point:
Boundary Peak at 13,140 feet
Lowest Point:
Colorado River at 479 feet

Nevada State Parks

Beaver Dam State Park
Berlin-Icthyosaur State Park
Cathedral Gorge State Park
Cave Lake State Park
Dayton State Park
Echo Canyon State Park
Floyd Lamb State Park

Fort Churchill State Historic Park
Kershaw-Ryan State Park
Spring Mountain Ranch SP
Valley of Fire State Park
- Legend of Little Mouse in the Valley of Fire
Travel Logs Of Ara and Spirit
Washoe Lake SP

Recreation & Wilderness Areas

Ash Meadows NWR
Ivanpah Dry Lake
Lahontan State Recreation Area
Lamoille Canyon Scenic Area (USFS)
Prison Hill Recreation Area

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
Rye Patch State Recreation Area
South Fork State Recreation Area
Toiyabe National Forest

BLM Wilderness Areas

Battle Mountain -
Fish Lake Valley Wildlife Viewing Area
Hickison Petroglyph Recreation Area
Lunar Crater Volcanic Field
Mill Creek Recreation Area
Railroad Valley Wildlife Viewing Area
Rhyolite Historic Area
Tonkin Spring

Carson City -
Comstock National Historic District
East Fork of the Carson River
Fort Churchill to Wellington Back Country Byway
Grimes Point/Hidden Cave Archaeological Site
Marietta Wild Burro Range
Indian Creek Recreation Area
Pony Express Trail
Sand Mountain Recreation Area
Walker Lake Recreation Area
Wilson Canyon


Elko -
Elko Meteorite Crater Field
North Wildhorse Campground
Tabor Creek
Wilson Reservoir

Ely -
Ash Springs
Blue Mass Scenic Area
Cleve Creek Campground
Ely Elk View Area
Garnet Hill
Goshute Canyon and
Goshute Cave
Illipah Reservoir
Meadow Valley Campground
Mt. Wilson Back Country Byway
Ward Mountain Recreation Area

Las Vegas -
Bitter Springs Back
Country Byway

Travel Logs Of Ara and Spirit.

Gold Butte Back Country Byway

Winnemucca -
Black Rock Desert
Bloody Shins Trails

Cities & Towns

Beatty, Nevada
-Bighorn Encounter in Beatty
Boulder City, Nevada
Carson City, Nevada
Ely, Nevada
Fallon, Nevada
Genoa, Nevada
Goldfield, Nevada
Hawthorne, Nevada
Henderson, Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada
-Get out of Las Vegas: Outside the City and into the Desert

Laughlin, Nevada
Lake Tahoe
Overton, Nevada
Pahrump, Nevada
Pioche, Nevada
Reno, Nevada
Rhyolite Ghost Town
- Rhyolite, a Ghost Town with a Story
Searchlight, Nevada
Tonopah, Nevada
Virginia City, Nevada

Historic Locations & Points of Interest

Baker Archaeological Viewing Site (BLM)
Bowers Mansion Park (Carson City)
Burning Man Black Rock Desert
Camp Transvaal Ghost Town
Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center
Central Nevada Museum
Chollar Mine (Virginia City)
Churchill County Museum (Fallon)
Clark County Heritage Museum (Henderson)
Comstock National Historic District (BLM)
Genoa Courthouse Museum

Goldfield, Nevada - Boxing, Gold Mines and A Long Bar
Goshute Canyon/Cave (BLM)Grapevine Canyon
- Hiking Grapevine Canyon
Grimes Point/Hidden Cave Idiosyncratic Desert Museums
Archaeological Site (BLM)
Las Vegas Natural
History Museum
Lincoln County Historical Museum (Pioche)
Lost City Museum of Archaeology (Overton)
MacKay Mansion (Virginia City)

Marietta Wild Burro Range (BLM)
Mormon Station SHP (Genoa)
National Automobile
Museum (Reno)
Nevada Historical Society Museum (Reno)
Nevada Northern Railway Museum (Ely)
Nevada State Museum & Historical Society (Las Vegas)
Nevada State RR Museum (Carson City)
Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort SHP
State Museum (Carson City)
Panamint Annie's Gravestone in Rhyolite (also known as Pannemint Annie, Mary Elizabeth Madison)
Rhyolite Ghost Town (Beatty)
Spirit Mountain
Stewart Indian Museum
(Carson City)
The Castle (Virginia City)
Virginia & Truckee RR
(Virginia City)
Ward Charcoal Ovens SHM (Ely)
White Pine Public Museum (Ely)
Zoological-Botanical Park
(Las Vegas)

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Rhyolite videoRhyolite, Nevada, a few miles west of Beatty, sprung up almost overnight after Shorty Harris and his partner Ernest Cross found gold in 1904. Rhyolite is located a little over six miles from the original gold discovery. It quickly grew into a city of brick and stone buildings. Today you can find several remnants of Rhyolite in its glory days, such as the old bank, schoolhouse, train station, and the famous bottle house.

Red rock canyonRed Rock Canyon is less then an hour's drive west of Las Vegas and has many significant geologic features. The area is a good place to kick back and just enjoy nature's wonders. Take a look at the many interesting features of this Nevada State Park - it just might lure you away from the blackjack tables when you visit Las Vegas!

Laughlin VideoLaughlin - Lake Mohave - The Davis Dam and Powerplant facility was constructed by the Bureau of Reclamation in Pyramid Canyon, 67 miles downstream from Hoover Dam. The site is about 10 miles north of the point where Arizona, Nevada and California meet, and approximately 2 miles upstream from the Laughlin, Nevada/Bullhead City, Arizona, communities.

Goldwell MuseumThe Goldwell Art Museum In 1984 a group of artists led by the late Albert Szukalski created several outdoor sculptures in the Mojave Desert, four miles west of Beatty, Nevada. View the ghostly figures of the Last Supper, a 25 foot high cinder block woman, and the elegant and imposing Icara in this video.


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