The Sculptures of Borrego Springs

Borrego Springs, CA

The word is out – something more than desert wildflowers and the spectacular Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is attracting visitors to the Borrego Valley in Southern California. People are coming from around the United States and internationally to see the amazing 130 full-sized metal sculptures here that are inspired by creatures that roamed this same desert millions of years ago. The artworks range from prehistoric mammals to historical characters, fanciful dinosaurs, and a 350-foot-long fanciful serpent.

As you drive through the roads that weave through the area you'll see sculptures of wild horses in a nearby field, sabertooth tigers in pursuit, and desert tortoises that seem as if they're crawling through the brush. The artist, Ricardo Breceda, brings life to his sculptures by capturing each creature in motion. They are so still, yet all you see is movement.

The late Dennis Avery, land owner of Galleta Meadows Estates in Borrego Springs envisioned the idea of adding 'free standing art' to his property with original steel welded sculptures created by 'Perris Jurassic Park' owner/artist/welder Ricardo Breceda based in Perris, California. There are over 130 metal sculptures located in Borrego Springs.

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This is the head of the 350-foot serpent


Here is the serpent's tail

Dragon undulates through the groundSerpent undulates through the ground and under a road

Gold prospector panning for gold

Gold prospector panning for gold

Dino art work

Camel metal sculptures

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Video Overview of Art




Map of location of metal sculptures

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There are resorts, hotels and motels in Borrego Springs, with something for every taste and price range. Click here for more information on reservations in Borrego Springs - featuring a complete list. (Rates, availability and reservations online.)

Camping & RV Parks

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park has camping opportunities throughout its 600,000 acres. The busy season is Nov – March and most weekends get full pretty fast. For reservations, call 800-444-7275. Camping is site-specific, so it’s a good idea to have a particular campsite in mind when you call for a reservation. You can look at a campsite map here: For more information call the park at 760-767-5311.

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New book RICARDO BRECEDA Accidental Artist by: Diana Lindsay



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