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2017 Southern California Wildflower Reports - Super Bloom this year

March 27, 2017 Lynda reports: These photos were take at the Upper Las Virgenes Open Space near cistern taken on March 25

March 27, 2017 Jim reports: Visited Shell Creek Road off of Hwy 58 in San Luis Obispo County on 3/25. Three weeks ago, there were no wildflowers. Today, a dramatic change. Large sections of goldfields and tidytips, and the lupines are starting to appear. With the recent rains, it should be a good show for a few weeks. A few minutes further east on 58, bison were grazing next to the highway.

March 27, 2017 Pete reports: North of antelope valley visitors center off the main grid.....very nice today (3/25/17)....but when clouds are over head it gets cold....

March 27, 2017 Jon reports: I drove out to the Carrizo Plain on Sat 25th along hwy 58. Dropping down from the Buttonwillow side you pass through hills covered in various wildflowers that provide large areas of yellow, purple and it looks like some orange is starting to creep in here and there. The view from 58 back to the east is wonderful. Driving along Soda Lake road south from 58 there are good wildflowers along the road. Just before the visitor center, at the south end of soda lake was the best area I found. Fields of flowers stretching out for acres. You can walk out or drive about a mile on the dirt road there to see the full extent and get views across to the Temblor range.

March 27, 2017 Andrew reports: Carrizo Plain National Monument Sunday 3/26 off Soda Lake Rd.

Soda Lake Rd in Carrizo Plain National Monument. Some great yellows and purples there.

Gorman, about a mile or so south of town. Walk up the hills for a much better experience.

March 27, 2017 Morgan reports: Figueroa on Friday, March 24, the wildflower season appears to be off to a slow start. Just past the Figueroa station the bush lupine is blooming and the poppies are starting along the road. On top the chocolate lilies and shooting stars are up in good numbers. Grass Mountain has only a glimmer of color. The “super bloom” doesn’t appear be happening this year here in comparison to photos from last at this year.

March 26, 2017 Darryl reports: Moist areas of Red Rock Canyon State Park have rich displays of goldfields, purple mat and yellow monkeyflower (as shown). Nearby are blue phacelia, desert dandelion, desert daisy, popcorn flower and other species.

March 26, 2017 Mari reports: Red rock canyon state park. Hagen canyon nature trail. You get to see many beautiful yellow patches along the trail. Thank you for providing very cool and accurate info about wild flowers.

March 26, 2017 Darryl reports: Wonderful carpets of poppies and goldfields can be found along Highway 138, a few mies north of the Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve.

March 26, 2017 Laura reports: Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve March 24th

March 25, 2017 Andy reports: I have just returned from a trip to Lancaster outside of the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. I did not go into the Reserve but drove around it. The best spots were along W. Ave D (Route 138) north of the reserve between 110th and 160th St W; along W. Ave D-8 (a dirt road south of intersection of W. Ave D & 140th St W), and along the 110th St W south of Ave D. Don't bother with Lake Elizabeth Road; there was nothing to see.


March 25, 2017 Susan reports: I was in Antelope Valley, Friday. The poppies at the Poppy Preserve are pretty, yet not as thick as they have been in the past. There were some nice patches of flowers on Lancaster Blvd, just east of the preserve. Also there are some displays on the road banks on Munz Ranch Rd. Not much on Lake Elizabeth Rd and Ave 170 like there has been in past years. $10 cash entrance for Poppy Reserve. Breezes make the poppies shake. They close with wind and clouds. Best to go when it is sunny and calm.

March 25, 2017 Darryl reports: Flowers are prime in Tahquitz Canyon at Palm Springs. An employee at the visitors center told us that it’s the "best bloom since the 1990s.” He counted 20 species in bloom on the two-mile loop trail.

March 25, 2017 Travis reports: Every empty lot in Palm Springs/Desert area is blooming with Sand Verbena, small white Phacelua, tall yellow asteracea (Hymenosis?), and brittle bush, plus lits of tiny blooms. The road though Coachella Valley Preserve, North of Palm Desert, CA was terrific. I'm glad I spent most of my day there instead of in J-Tree. I'm processing photos now. Many plants have set seed, many more were in bloom and the dominant blooms changed about every mile or less. I haven't looked up plant names yet, but saw: Lupine (light blue to pinkish) 3 or more Phacelias White Oenotheria Brittle bush Sand verbena Big shrub in pea family with tiny dark purple flowers Creosote Yellow asteracea (hymenoxys) 6" to 2ft tall

March 24, 2017 Maureen reports: Driving along Interstate Highway 10 from Blythe towards Indio, CA, on March 19, 2017 we were delighted to see a profusion of Desert Lilies on the north side of the highway. Over the fence there were also large numbers of lilies (Hesperocallis undulata) together with desert sand-verbena (Abronia villosa) and evening primroses ( Oenethera deltoides.) The lilies were present along several stretches of the highway but the most impressive section was on the north side between 16.5 miles and 17 miles east of Desert Center or 70 miles east of the Washington Street exit in Indio (Exit 137)

March 24, 2017 Rich reports: There is a wonderful display of thousands of lupine at Rivendale Park at Towsley Canyon in Santa Clarita. To see them hike the Elder Trail. Drive into the park to the big parking lot on the right. The Elder Trail may be entered from the back right or the middle left of the parking lot. It is an easy to moderate loop trail of about 1 mile (for the short version of the trail). For information see

March 24, 2017 Ann reports: Diamond Valley Lake Friday, March 24, 2017


March 24, 2017 Daniel reports: I went to hike the flower trail at Diamond Valley Lake on Sunday afternoon since they are supposedly closed on Monday and Tuesday. Although the Marina parking lot on Angler Ave was only half full, it still took me about 15-20 minutes to get in. I guess if a lot of people come at the same time, it takes some time to get in since there is only 1 pay station.

The wildflowers viewing is amazing as others have reported. The best spot that I saw was a place that some people might possibly miss. After you pass the portable bathroom next to the 4 yellow posts you come to a fork in the trail. Instead of continuing on the Lakeview Trail, you go right at the fork as it start to go up to the top of the hills on the flower trail. After turning right at the fork almost immediately you turn right again onto a smaller side trail which is just a slight detour for it loops around a small hill to meet back with the main trail. Halfway through this side trail you will notice that the wildflowers are very concentrated here and cover both slopes on each side of the trail. After exiting this side trail I continued up to the top of the hills and explored different areas as it goes down and around back to the Lakeview Trail.

March 23, 2017 Ekaterina and Guy report: We went to Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve March 22rd. Mid-afternoon hail come down on the reserve accompanied with wind. I fear some of the flowers suffered quite a bit from the weather.

March 22, 2017 Susan reports: Monday, I spoke with a ranger at Carrizo Plain. He said the majority of the color is on the south end of Soda Lake Rd. Driving further north toward the visitors' center, you can see a large purple display from the overlook hill. (The flowers were far away). He said starting in 3 days, they will have a wildflower hotline updated on Thursdays and Sundays. 805-475-2035. He anticipates the peak bloom will be early and mid-April. He said some of the roads off of Soda Lake Rd currently are closed (even 4WD) due to mud. They have had to dig some vehicles out. I didn't see any poppies, but lots of yellow, some purple, orange and white. Driving 10 miles up the hwy from Maricopa to Soda Lake Rd, the many of the hills had yellow flowers -- a beautiful sight.

The hills just north of Gorman are ablaze with poppies. Despite that it was very hazy when I was there today, I could still enjoy them. To take photos, get off at the Fort Tejon exit and go left. After you cross the freeway, make an immediate right on the first road. This road will take you through some trees and then to the top of a hill overlooking the freeway and the many surrounding hills with poppies.


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