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2016 Southern California Wildflower Reports

April 29, 2016 Will Reports: Took these shots on the Cactus to Clouds trail in Palm Springs. I don't know what variety they are, but they sure look nice.


April 24, 2016 James Reports: Visited the Mecca Ca area to hike the Ladder Canyon Trail off Painted Canyon Rd. We found several wildflowers in the area on 4/20/16.

April 20, 2016 Morgan Reports: We hiked the Aliso trail off Paradise road on Saturday, April 16. Along the trail there are a large variety of small wildflowers such as the fairy lantern in the shaded areas along the dry creek bed. Blue dicks are up in great numbers, while scattered about to a lesser degree are lupine, poppies and mariposa lilies. Higher up on the hill sides the bush monkey flower is in full bloom. The checkerspot butterflies are out in great number patrolling the trail as well has a variety of other butterflies.

April 20, 2016 June Reports: Aliso Canyon, Santa Barbara County 4/18/16: There are a number of wildflowers still in bloom such as brodea, lupine, fairy lanterns, canyon sunflower,chia, poppies, bush monkeyflower, etc. But the real treat may be the wealth of butterflies including Variable checkerspots, Sara Orangetips, Monarchs, Sulphurs, Swallowtails, and others.


April 18, 2016 Daniel Reports: At Figueroa Mountain 4/16/16 : Many wildflowers in about the same 4 areas as in prior years. As you go up Figueroa Mountain Rd you will see some nice spots of Mariposa lilies, these white flowers with violet colored edges in the grassland before entering the recreational area. After you pass the Figueroa station and a few hundred yards before the Pino Alto and Cachuma Saddle road split is the first and easiest place to get to a large field of flowers. On one side of the slope are poppies and on the other side are these purple bush lupines. The next 3 locations require you to turn left and go up a narrow dirt road toward Pino Alto, Lookout, & Cumbre. Driving slowly, my passenger car was able to go up there without major trouble.

The second main area of flowers is at about the halfway point of going up this dirt road to the Cumbre picnic area. At about 1 ½ miles I parked on a large pullout before the road curves left, and then I walked back a few hundred feet to a large batch of flowers going down slope on the right side of the road.

After passing the Pino Alto picnic area, the third main area of flowers is at & slightly before the road split for Cumbre and The Lookout. There is a thick concentration of both poppies and lupines together on a long hill going up the slope on the right. There is also a smaller batch of flowers on the other side of the road on the downward slope. At the intersection you can go right to the Lookout to view the surrounding mountain areas but there are not as many flowers there; but there did seem to be a lot of flying bugs.

The fourth main area of wildflowers is turning left at the intersection going to the Cumbre picnic area and from a few hundred yards in to around the halfway point are batches of poppies and lupines together. As you get closer to the picnic area there is a large area of purple bush lupines among the trees in a forest like setting. From here you are close to the top so I turned around and went back down the mountain.

I did see quite a few cars parked in one location where I assume people were hiking to Grass Mountain. I spoke to someone in the area and she said that it takes about 2 hours each way to hike to where the flowers are but that the display was not as nice now since it is about 1 week past the bloom peak.

April 18, 2016 Jonathan Reports: Sunday showed there's still at least a little life in places at Tejon Ranch. My 5-year-old and I went on the tour offered by the conservancy, and they're very nice people (all volunteers). While most of the bloom is gone, there are still a few patches where, when framed properly, can look quite lush and colorful.


April 13, 2016 Lynn Reports: Wildflowers still blooming at Tejon Ranch! These were taken near the 290th street in Antelope Valley. Photos 4/10/16


April 11, 2016 Holly Reports: Took these on April 4 on Figueroa Mountain in the Santa Ynez area. Poppies on the hillside were visible from the 101. Incredible! We started from Hwy 154 in Los Olivos, onto Figueroa Mtn Road and followed it up and over to Happy Canyon Road and back to Hwy 154.


April 7, 2016 Morgan Reports: Hi, I drove to Point Buchon, Figuero Mountain Roa, Elizabeth Lake and Gorman Hills to see wildflowers last weekend. All were amazing. On the way back to SF, I found the mountains near Fort Tejon were just spectacular! So, I drove off I-5 onto Digier Road, which was parallel to I-5 in the first 2 miles. Here are some photos of the scenes there.


April 8, 2016 Lijia Reports: These photos were taken on April 3rd near Gorman Post Road. The hill is extremely difficult to climb. Be careful of the thorns. I got my leg pierced by them on the way, but the view up there paid back!



April 6, 2016 Don Reports: These Pics taken ,April 1st on the Lake Elizabeth road just WEST of muntz road intersection. The overall area is past peak, but there are several areas with lots of beautiful flowers in mostly smaller patches. Also check out the old original Ridge route road.. It's not maintained and is in bad shape , But has some interesting flowers...

April 5, 2016 Rena Reports: These photos were taken on 4-3-16 in Tehachapi, CA off HWY 58 ( Tehachapi is located about 2 hours north of Los Angeles) All along Highway 58 driving towards Tehachapi there are beautiful carpets of tiny pink flowers and also lovely carpets of blue flowers. I have never seen anything like it in this area before. The best place to safely take photos is at the Mill Street exit (Exit 149) near where the Denny’s Restaurant is located. There is a side street that will lead you right to these beauties.


April 4, 2016 Morgan Reports: Got tired of looking at photos of the place so we hiked up there to see it first-hand and up close. The face of Grass Mountain is at or near its peak, photos don’t due it justice.


April 1, 2016 Jim Reports: These were taken 3/27 at the north end of 290th street in Lancaster. On Sundays the Tejon Conservancy opens up the closed space and shuttles you up to the flowers. For free!



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