Amethyst: Uses, healing properties and meaning

Amethyst is a popular healing crystal.

What is an amethyst?
An amethyst is a semiprecious, purple crystal that is a variety of quartz.  Its color varies from light violet and lilac to darker purple tones.  Deeper, purple-colored amethysts are considered to be the highest quality of the stone. The largest deposits of amethyst are located in Brazil and Uruguay.

What is an amethyst used for?
The amethyst is the birthstone for February. This beautiful crystal is also used to celebrate 6th and 33rd wedding anniversaries. These beautiful purple crystals have long been used in jewelry and are also popular as tumbled stones and beads.  You can find beautifully handcrafted lamps, home décor, faceted crystals and art that are made of amethyst.  Alternative medicine practitioners use amethysts as healing crystals along with other stones.

What is the meaning and symbolism of amethysts?
According to Wikipedia, “amethyst” comes from the Koine Greek word “amethystos” which is a combination of ancient and modern Greek words that together mean “not intoxicate.” It was believed by the ancient Greeks and Romans that wearing amethysts, drinking out of a goblet made of amethyst, or putting an amethyst crystal in their wine would keep them from getting intoxicated.

What are the healing properties of amethysts?
The amethyst crystal is a healing crystal used in alternative medicine to balance and promote mental and physical healing.  It is believed to improve nervous system function and the production of hormones. Amethysts have long been used in alternative medicine to reduce anxiety, treat addictions and to improve mental health.

Amethysts are believed to inspire peace, serenity, clarity, passion and creativity. Individuals who work with crystals believe they strengthen intuition and improve focus.

There is currently no scientific evidence to support theories of healing properties of stones. Many people believe however, that amethysts and other crystals work to heal in conjunction with “intentions.”  You have to have to set specific intentions with your crystals.  By identifying what changes you want to make in your life, you set your intentions.  You can then use a specific crystal to help you to focus on a goal or change that you want to manifest.

Which chakra is amethyst associated with?
The amethyst is often used for sixth and seventh chakra objectives. It is believed that an amethyst can open the third eye in the sixth chakra to improve decision making, planning, wisdom and intuition. When working with the amethyst and the sixth chakra, focus on emotional and spiritual balance.  This will help unblock the third eye.  The amethyst can also open a path between the third eye and the crown chakra.

The seventh chakra is symbolized by the color purple.  It is also referred to as the crown chakra. Amethysts are used to balance the crown chakra.  They can help to calm the mind and improve focus. The crown chakra opens a connection to your higher self.  When in balance, your crown chakra will align your physical self with your spiritual self.  The crown chakra also engages with your spirit guides and guardian angels.

Tumbled amethyst stones are often used for chakra work.  You can also use amethyst crystal clusters for meditation when working to balance and unblock chakras.

DesertUSA has created two chakra kits that include tumbled amethyst stones.  The 14-piece Chakra and Cleansing Kit includes two pieces of amethyst: a tumbled amethyst stone and an amethyst crystal cluster. The 8-piece kit has one tumbled amethyst stone and seven other chakra stones.

Chakra Stones Kit – 8 Pieces
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How are amethysts used in Feng Shui?
In the practice of Feng Shui, amethysts can be placed in your home, garden, or office, or worn as jewelry to purify surroundings by absorbing negative energy.  It is a calming stone and helps reduce excessive emotions.

Crystal clusters of amethyst are believed to generate the most energy.  With multiple crystal points stemming from one base, the clusters spread the energy throughout the room.  The amethyst clusters represent the earth element in Feng Shui and are best placed in areas of the Bagua map that are strengthened by earth elements.  The center of the home is a popular location for an amethyst cluster, amethyst lamp, amethyst candle and holder or amethyst collectible.  Other areas where amethysts are effective include the northeast, northwest, west and southwest.

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DesertUSA has a large selection of beautiful amethyst products that can be used to Feng Shui your home or office.  The purple crystal clusters can be placed in a room as décor and to energize your space.  The lovely amethyst lamps work well on an office desk, living room side table or in the bedroom.  Amethyst collectibles add a touch of the southwest to any room where you place them.  A dramatic amethyst cluster serves as the base, and is topped by an iconic southwestern figure such as a Kokopelli, coyote or roadrunner.

Are you interested in learning more about the scientific qualities of the amethyst?

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