We continue to hope that Congress will reach an agreement to avoid a government shutdown, but we are working to prepare for all possible scenarios. The following document provides information regarding the Bureau of Land Management’s contingency plans in the event of a government shutdown.

Will I be able to visit BLM-managed public lands?

All recreation facilities, including campgrounds, boat ramps etc., will be closed. If it is a non- developed recreational destination with no controlled access, you may visit. However, there will be no services and there will no non-emergency services available.

I have a meeting scheduled with BLM staff. Will it take place?

No. If you wish to reschedule your meeting, please contact the BLM once the government reopens.

What do I do if I want to apply for a permit?

You must wait until the government reopens.

May I hunt or fish on public lands?

Yes, consistent with State law.

I am an outfitter with a BLM permit. May I still operate my business?

Commercial, competitive and group authorization for events and activities, including commercial outfitter and special recreation permits, can continue operations provided they do not need BLM field monitoring, oversight or BLM assistance of any kind, and are not operating in sites that have been closed.

Will I get paid if I’m a contractor?

Your contracting officer will contact you to discuss details of your particular contract. Generally, if you are a contractor, you will be paid only if your job is associated with protection of life and property, or you are responsible for feeding wild horses in holding facilities, funds are already obligated for the contracted work, or non-lapsing funds are available to continue the ongoing work.

What if there is a fire on BLM-managed public lands?

BLM fire operations will continue to protect public health and property.

Will BLM roads be closed?

Some will be closed while others will remain open. Decisions will be made on a state-by-state basis. Roads that provide access for communities and major transportation routes will be open.

May I continue to operate my energy business drilling on BLM land?

Yes, provided the well is fully authorized. For operations that are not authorized, they may not proceed.

Will I be required to pay royalties on oil or gas extracted during the shutdown?


Will mining operations continue on BLM public land?

Yes, provided the mine is fully authorized. For operations that are not authorized, they may not proceed.

Will there be inspections and enforcement of oil and gas leasing?

Yes. There will be limited inspection and enforcement but related to protection of human life and property.

May I change my drilling plan without the customary sundry notice?


Will the BLM volunteer program continue to operate?

No. Volunteer activities will discontinue during the shutdown, including campground hosts.

Will the BLM continue to work on projects funded by partners?


Whom do I contact with questions?

If you have a question relating to protection of human life or property, you should contact the excepted BLM employee in your state.

May I continue to graze my animals on public land?


Will I have to pay the grazing fee?


May I collect timber that has been felled on public land but not yet removed?


Will the BLM hold timber sales, oil and gas lease sales or wild horse adoptions?


Will the BLM’s Resources Advisory Councils continue to meet?


Will the BLM publish Federal Register Notices?

The Federal Register will publish only notices relating to emergency situations involving public health and safety. Routine actions involving planning decisions, notifications and land actions will not occur.

Is there anyone I can contact if I have questions?

Please visit the DOI website at www.DOI.gov.



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