Rough Rose Quartz in Bulk

About Bulk Stones

DesertUSA offers a beautiful variety of bulk stones: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, Hematite, Clear Quartz, Fluorite, Green Opal, Desert Jasper, Red Jasper, Carnelian, Rhodonite, Black Tourmaline or Sodalite. It’s important to know that the number of stones in a bulk stone order will depend on the size and weight of each one included in the package. The package is measure by weight, not by the number of stones in it.

These are natural, raw stones – the sizes, colors and shapes may vary depending on how nature created them. Give bulk stones a rinse with water after you receive them to reveal their full beauty. They may be dusty at first  as they are raw and unrefined.

See bulk stones available on Amazon.

See bulk stones available on the DesertUSA store.

What can  you do with raw stones?


These stones can be used to enhance your meditation space or altar. Their beautiful presence calms the mind and helps you focus. The different energies of the stones will depend on which kind you choose. Enjoy mixing and matching their healing energies to help your intentions become reality. Some people rub the stones with essential oils, and then hold them in their hands while meditating.

Home or Office Decor

The stones can add beauty to your planters and vases. Place them around your plants or fill a vase with them before adding water and flowers. NOTE: Some stones should not be put in water. Do not put Fluorite or Selenite in water.

They are also lovely to look at placed in groups around your work station or on tables or shelves.


You can use these raw stones to make your own jewelry designs by using them raw or polishing and shaping them. You can wire wrap them, making a basket to hold the stone. Copper, steel or aluminum wire can be found at your hardware store. You will need to make a loop at the top of your basket for a chain to pass through. They can also be hung in your window after you have wire wrapped them, or be arranged as part of a hanging mobile or wind chime.

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