Joshua Tree park rangers announce new podcast: Where Two Deserts Meet

Joshua Tree National Park rangers announce the new official park podcast, Where Two Deserts Meet. Meet our narrators, Donovan Smith and Ian Chadwick, as they explore some of the park’s most unique and special resources, including wildlife, night skies, and the changing desert landscape. The first five episodes are available on the park website at and on Apple Podcasts.

“Where Two Deserts Meet is a podcast where we investigate topics that often require a bit more detail and sometimes the help of an expert in the field to gain perspective,” says park ranger Donovan Smith, “we are excited to expand our communication of the park resources to new platforms that will allow listeners to experience the park in a new way: at home, from the car, and while traveling through the park. We encourage you to come learn about the park with us, no matter where you are.”

The podcast’s title is based off on the transition zone between the two distinct desert ecosystems, the Mojave Desert and the Colorado Desert, that come together in Joshua Tree National Park. This transition zone is home to a remarkable diversity of plants and animals from both deserts. The first episode dives into the podcast’s namesake.

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