North Lake Powell Boat Ramp at Bullfrog Inoperable to Houseboats, Larger Vessels

As previously announced, when Lake Powell’s elevation has reached 3529 ft. (above sea level), the Bullfrog North Boat Ramp will no longer be operable for houseboats and larger vessels. That elevation was reached this weekend, and the ramp is now closed to houseboats and larger vessels. The Bullfrog North Boat Ramp remains operable for smaller vessels until the lake declines to 3525 ft. (above sea level). 

Lake Powell water levels fluctuate every year, based on a complex mix of factors that are not possible to predict. Some of these factors are weather-related, and some are the result of Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) management of Lake Powell as part of the system of reservoirs. The most recent news release is available here.

According to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Acting Superintendent Michelle Kerns, “The park remains committed to providing North Lake Powell motorized boater access and is pleased the Bullfrog North Ramp was extended and conditions have resulted in it being operable throughout the 2022 boating season. We are grateful for the many people who have an interest in recreation on Lake Powell and thank everyone for your understanding and patience during the drought-induced, unprecedented low water levels in 2022.” 

Information about the status of boat ramps and marina services on Lake Powell is available 24/7 on our Changing Water website. Before heading to the lake, boaters should check the park’s website for the status of their preferred launch destination.  

The NPS recognizes the important role that launch ramps and marinas play in the economies of gateway communities and the numerous businesses that operate in the park. The park will continue to assess lake conditions and will adjust operations as possible to provide boater access at each ramp.  


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