Please join us online in the early evening on Monday, December 21 for a live stream event to view Jupiter and Saturn in a Great Conjunction. From our view on Earth, the two gas giants appear close to each other in the sky approximately every 20 years, but the separation varies due to their orbits. The last time Jupiter and Saturn appeared so close in the sky was in the year 1623! Beginning at 4:30 pm PST, City Astronomer Eric McLaughlin will train our telescopes on Jupiter and Saturn to get views you have never seen before! If you tune in after the show, don’t worry! You can find it on our YouTube Channel with over 300 other great videos of our programming from the Rancho Mirage Library and Observatory.
As always, weather permitting.
Event Type(s): Observatory Programming
Age Group(s): All Ages
Presenter: Eric McLaughlin, City Astronomer
Lauren Zuckerberg
(760) 341-7323 ext. 710
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