Summer Activities For Families
Viewing Desert Insects and Animals At Night
By L. Bremner of DesertRoadTrippin

geckoIf you are looking for something fun to do with your kids, check out these two articles on desert wildlife viewing at night.  One article is about Bug Lighting.  This can be done at home or out in the desert while camping or visiting some of the parks.  The other article is about viewing wildlife at night while driving through the desert parks or regions.  These articles are published on  Since we have so many articles in our archives we thought it would be fun to feature some of our all time favorites.

We would love to hear about your experiences in the desert and how your kids discover the animals and plants that are native to the desert regions. If you have suggestions of similar family activities, please share them with us by commenting on this blog post.

sheet8Bug Lighting
By Sandy Shaw

It’s night. It’s warm. There is no television in the campground and the kids are bored. Several moths flutter around the Coleman lamp. An owl hoots, a coyote sings and the kids whine. It is too early to put them to bed but they have nothing to do. Or so you think! Just bug ’em!

There is an amazing world of wildlife at your fingertips here in the warm desert night of summer. It is the world of insects! Infinite variations of design and splendor make these six-legged creatures the perfect introduction to nature’s wonders for children and adults alike.  Even if you are staying in a motel in the city or just sitting in the backyard of your own home, there are many species of insects that can be readily and easily spotted. Hence, we have one of the most enjoyable of summer desert activities: BUG LIGHTING!  Click here to continue reading about Bug Lighting.

Desert Wildlife At Night
By Sandy Shaw

One of the great joys of visiting our deserts is getting the chance to see first-hand the wide variety of fauna that come to life after the sun goes down. As the air and ground temperatures cool, a plethora of diverse nocturnal creatures emerge from their hiding places to search out food, water and possible mates. Many mammals, birds and insects, sedentary during the daylight hours, now awaken and fill the desert night with new sounds and sights.  Click here to continue reading about Desert Wildlife at Night.

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