pdog02DesertUSA Is A Great Resource For School Projects
Learn about desert plants, animals and geology.
By L. Bremner of DesertRoadTrippin

When we first started DesertUSA.com, it was designed be a multimedia resource for information about plants, animals and geology of the North American Deserts.  We have since expanded DesertUSA into a website that includes information about the national and state parks, road trip destinations and many other outdoor recreational activities. Our core audience is still  K-12 students, who visit our site to study about flora, fauna, geology and many of the unique adaptations that enable life to survive in the harsh desert environment.


The most popular pages on DesertUSA.com are the animal pages.  We have animal fact sheets on snakes, kangaroo rats, butterflies and many other desert dwellers.  We have fact sheets on more than 49 mammals, 30 birds and fish, 24 reptiles and amphibians and 35 types of spiders and insects.  Every month we add new animals to our lists.  Some of the more popular animals have video and audio clips.  The rattlesnake and black widow spider are two of our most visited pages.

DesertUSA Videos ares a big part of our site and we have quite a few videos about the more popular animals.  Our most watched video is of the Kingsnake.  DesertUSA provides content that is kid-friendly and educational.  Take a moment to visit our site and tell your kids about it so they can use it as a resource for their next school project.

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Lynn Bremner is the author of DesertRoadTrippin.com, a blog about desert road trips and tips. She started the blog after moving to Indio, CA where she now resides. Now a true desert dweller, Lynn has added in some of her own views on desert living. The heat does not keep her indoors in the summertime. She is out running, golfing or taking short day trips to some of the local points of interest.

After years of traveling along the dusty, desert trails with her father, she has come to appreciate the beauty and solitude of the desert landscape. Her father’s passion for prospecting, desert lore and exploring the desert parks took their family to many interesting places, mostly in California, Nevada and Arizona. Lynn now writes about her desert road trips and intertwines a little bit of desert living into the mix.

In addition to the DesertRoadTrippin’ blog, Lynn also writes articles and produces content for the DesertUSA.com, Empire Polo Lifestyle Magazine and PoloZONE.com.


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