Zion National Park maintenance staff respond to road damage

Four people work near a large hole in Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. An excavator stands nearby as people work in and near a hole.
National Park Service and utility employees work to repair infrastructure on Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. NPS / Ally O’Rullian

National Park Service staff are responding to rockfalls on Zion Canyon Scenic Drive and road damage on Kolob Canyons Road. These are the most recent of several similar but smaller events experienced along park roads and trails this winter. 

Work to address rockfall and road damage may affect visits to Zion, and you can always get the latest information at go.nps.gov/ZionConditions.

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Zion Canyon Scenic Drive 

  • Single lane open near the work area.
    • Zion Canyon Shuttle System is operating. 
    • The road may temporarily close and delay shuttles while repairs are happening. 
  • Engineers and maintenance staff are:
    • Assessing methods for road repair 
    • Repairing a damaged sewer cover and the vertical pipe (riser) that connects it to the sewer line. 
    • Completing work with a utility company to repair damaged buried electrical lines.
      • Electrical service to Zion Lodge was interrupted from late on March 21 until the afternoon of March 22.  
Road damage caused by rockfall at Zion Canyon Scenic Drive late on March 21, 2023. NPS / Sam Harvey
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