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Bisti Badlands

The Bisti Badlands

De-Na-Zin Wilderness – New Mexico

We hiked perhaps a mile across an open area known as the Gateway Wash into the heart of the Bisti, and we came upon enclaves of banded and sculpted sandstone which looked like gossamer draperies billowing in a gentle breeze. Spheroidal boulders perched precariously at the peaks of low hills. A field of stone formations was standing a few feet high and shaped like mushrooms. We found sandstone pedestals covered by shale plates, and beautifully rust-colored mounds divided by sinuous washes. Read more…

Dragon of Borrego Springs

Sky Art of Borrego Springs

Can you find them all?

Something more than desert wildflowers and the spectacular Anza-Borrego Desert State Park attracts visitors to the Borrego Valley in Southern California. People come from around the United States, and internationally, to see the amazing 130 full-sized metal sculptures here – many inspired by creatures that roamed this same desert millions of years ago. The artworks range from prehistoric mammals to historical characters, fanciful dinosaurs, and a 350-foot-long fanciful serpent. Read more…

Cactus Flowers

Wildflower Watch

Where are the wildflowers blooming now?

It’s still very dry this year. The wildflowers are there, the trick is finding them. The cactus have started to bloom in some areas. Most national and state parks have reopened their campgrounds. See reports below. Read more…


Spring Rattles In

Rattlesnakes are active in the Spring

Last year in March, over one weekend, I saw three rattlesnakes while working outdoors in a semiarid region of Southern California. That same spring I saw a few more baby rattlers in various areas of the 20-acre property where I live. Many of my friends have never encountered a rattlesnake and seem quite nervous when they visit my home. Cautiously, they stay on the main roads or trails and frequently look about them as if waiting for a 6-foot-long predator to jump out of the shrubs and attack them. Read more…

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Prickly Pear Drink Recipes

DesertUSA has received so many requests for Prickly Pear recipes and ingredients that we have decided to stock our store with Prickly Pear Syrup, nectar and related products.

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Fun for Kids!

If you’re looking for a fun thing to do with your kids, check out our “Break-at-Home” geode kits. This hands on rockhounding experience is a great way for kids to learn about geology, how geodes are formed and to experience the excitement of discovery when they break one open.  Learn more about “Break-at-Home” geodes.

Mojave Road Guide

An adventure through time. Explore the route used by pioneers on their way to California. The Mojave Road lets your SUV act as a time machine, guiding you on a trail that stretches for 138 miles through country virtually unchanged since prehistoric times.  Learn more about the Mojave Road Guide by Dennis Casebier.