DesertUSA is a guide to the American Southwest. Our stories feature topics ranging from rockhounding and boating to desert parks and unique points of interest.  DesertUSA’s content includes in depth information about the natural history of the desert regions of the United States.

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To the north and east of Paquime, the Mogollon Puebloan people walked away from ancestral homelands, gave up old traditions, moved to new locations, reverted to the old hunting and gathering lifestyles, or simply disappeared from the archaeological record. Read more about Paquime and Casas Grandes.
Journey Through Coyote Canyon 
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
From top to bottom, Coyote Canyon contains a diversity of life forms unequaled anywhere else in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Eighteen miles long, the canyon stretches between Riverside and San Diego counties. Reaching elevations of 3,900 feet in the north … Read more about Coyote Canyon located in Anza-Borrego Desert Sate Park. 
Smudging: A Short History
Sage and other herbs
The practice of smudging, and its accompanying sage bundles, abalone shells, and hawk feathers, is familiar to most who have dabbled in the new age, alternative health world that is ever present in today’s mash up of spirituality circulating online. Read more about smudging and the practice of burning bundles of sage and other herbs. 

Throughout America, local eateries, particularly non-franchised ones, revive and continue to redesign classic dishes. In the Southwest, these range from distinctive meals served in Texas to dishes served in Nevada or Baja California. A hamburger served at McFriendly’s in Houston in no way resembles a sweet-tasting rattlesnake burger served in a café located in Arizona. Read more about southwest cuisine.

Splash into summer at one of the lakes along the Colorado River.  Rent a house boat at Lake Mead, take a boat tour to Rainbow Bridge at Lake Powell or visit the London Bridge at Lake Havasu.  Learn more about lake and river destinations.


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It’s a Lensbaby, baby!
I have to admit it, I love my Lensbaby. I know it is probably not logical to “love” an inanimate object, so I suppose I should qualify my original statement. I love what my Lensbaby can do and how it affects an image and yes, how it inspires me. Read more about photography by Shutterbug.

Hiking Zion National Park 
If you’re looking for a fun destination for hiking, but still want to stay cool this summer, check out Zion National Park. Just two and a half hours from Las Vegas, Zion offers trails and outdoor recreation for all levels. Read more about hiking in Zion.

Pioneertown – aka: Pappy and Harriet’s
Zip Code 92268 – Pioneertown California sits at just over 4,000 feet in elevation on the edge of the Mojave Desert, at the base of the San Bernardino Mountains where Joshua trees meet pinyon pine, manzanita and juniper. Read more about Pioneertown, CA.

Fun Kids Activity

If you are looking for a fun activity to do with your kids, check out our “Break-at-Home” geode kits. This hands on rockhounding experience is a fun way for kids to learn about geology, how geodes are formed and the excitement of discovery when they break one open.  Learn more about “Break-at-Home” geodes.

How to Harvest Prickly Pears & Pads

Prickly Pear fruit, also know as “tuna” in Spanish, can be eaten raw or juiced to make syrup, jam, honey, sauces, salad dressings, tea, margaritas, martinis and other delicious recipes. This article explains how to harvest prickly pear fruit and how to prepare if for a variety of uses.  Learn how to harvest Prickly Pear Fruit.

Crystal Healing
What is crystal healing?  Does it work?

Learn about the 7 chakras and how crystals, stones and other earth elements can heal the body and mind. Did you know that rose quartz is well-know as a heart opener and represents love and fertility? Pyrite and citrine are believed to bring prosperity and obsidian is said to dissolve old traumas and clear quartz crystals is believed to provide clarity.  Learn more about crystal healing.