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2015 Wildflower Reports

June 16, 2015 Barbara Reports: Ie took this photo at the north end of the Vermillion Cliffs in mid May of this year. They are hollow and about ¾” to 1” long. If you know what the flowers are, we’d love to know!

June 2, 2015 TC Reports: I came across a bunch of these plants here in southern Nevada but can not identify them, wonder if someone there can name them. Red stems with orange/white flowers on top. Thanks for any help

May 5 2015 Geneya Reports: Taken in Hurricane Cliffs Ut May 1 2015... also could you tell me what kind it is?!

April 27 2015 Carl Reports: If you haven't fulfilled your wildflower fix yet, the St. George, UT area is looking good: pretty much at peak, depending on where you go. Just a few flowers drying out, but others are just coming into bloom, so it should be well worth checking out for at least a couple more weeks. The Chuckwalla trail off Hwy 18, on the left just above the intersection with Snow Canyon / Red Hills Pkwy, is especially nice. I've stayed right (north) on all trail intersections (keeping to higher elevations), and it just gets better and better. Perhaps the best bloom I've seen here. I'll be posting an update with pics in a few days...

April 23 2015 Arches National Park Reports: cactus are already blooming in Moab, so they'll be bursting into color up at the park's elevations over the next few weeks. Get your macros ready!

April 11 2015 Arches National Park Reports:Plants and blooms are growing greener by the day, so our vegetation crew will be out in the field this week monitoring spring growth.

April 10 2015 Geoff Reports: I-15, between Glendale and Mesquite: on my way back from Death Valley last weekend, I made a couple side trips. First, got off at the Carp/Elgin exit and took the frontage road north of the freeway, heading east - WOW! To the north is an amazing display of mostly yellow (Suncups? Desert Marigold?), with plenty of dune primrose mixed in, plus a few others

Continuing east, the road then turns north and becomes a dirt/gravel road that is well-maintained and suitable for all vehicles. I went another 12 miles or so (approximate!) to 'The Summit' (as it's called on my map, at EL 3737'). Just over the summit, there's some room to pull over on the right (east) and get out and explore. This side of the road has a nice variety of flowers, especially in washes, but sometimes the terraces above washes have nice surprises too.

And if you like cactus flowers, they're just getting started (I've been here before, great for cactus blooms!). I'd bet this area is good for a couple more weeks, may be getting even better over the next week or so. The same goes for my 2nd side trip to the Gold Butte / Whitney Pockets area, getting off at the I-15 170/Riverside exit south of Mesquite and taking the Gold Butte Rd (another well-maintained 2WD/low clearance road) to Whitney Pockets (about 25 miles?). Didn't spend much time here either, but another nice, healthy variety of flowers if you get out and explore - (again, hike up a wash and see what you can find!). If it's becoming dried out by the time you get there, no worries, just continue on the main road (staying left) and head for the higher elevations. There's a couple turnoffs on the left on the way to Whitney Pass that should be nice for a few weeks.

April 6 2015 Diane Reports: April 4, 2015 – Cottonwood Cove Road and the Road to Nelson, NV. Both roads had beautiful displays of numerous species of wildflowers. Alongside the Cottonwood Cove Road, plants that were in abundance included globe mallow, desert marigold, purplemat, beavertail cactus, mohave aster, fiddle neck, lupine, and phacelia. Behind the motel at Cottonwood Cove, along the dirt road up the hillside, cholla were in bloom, along with desert primrose and sand verbena. The hillsides on the road to Nelson were thickly covered with globe mallow, as well as blanked with numerous plants with white and yellow blooms. Huge rock nettle was found on the road past Nelson near the water, on the cliffs alongside the road. Beautiful cholla in bloom, as well as rosy two toned penstemon. The display this year is much more than in past years – just beautiful right now! Below are photos of a cholla in bloom and a rosy two toned penstemon.

April 6 2015 Bill Reports: Took this shot this week in Cedar Pocket in the Gorge on I-15. Looks like last week for prime time.

Above same area 3/30/15

April 03, 2015 Liz Reports: A small group of us identified 64 species on Fossil Ridge in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area on the morning of 4/1/15 in southern NV outside Las Vegas. Below is a cluster of 4 Straggling mariposa lilies, Calochortus flexuosus, Liliaceae. Last year, I saw just a few on the ridge. Right now, there are hundreds and hundreds!!!!

Mar 31, 2015 Rick and Margarita report: The North Shore ROAD on the west side of Lake Mead from Overton, NV, 3/29 to Echo Bay Marina and on to Calville Bay Marina is lined with tons of flowers especially Overton to Echo Bay. HUGE bunches of Brittlebush line the road and some draws. Lots of huge Desert Sunflowers, some past peak, others just starting. Also seeing cactus, globe mallow, Mojave Aster, Sand Blazing Star, Desert Marigold. And one of my favorites, the Las Vegas Bear Poppy (Arctomecon Californica) If you see a plant with yellow flowers blooming in an area all by itself, in the harshest, driest, gypsum laden soil, then it might be a bear poppy. They also have especially fuzzy hairy light bluish grey basal leaves. Very unique. Calville Bay to Henderson looks pretty much all dried out.

Mar 30, 2015 Arches NP reports: Look closely along park roadsides and trailheads and you'll find Dwarf Evening Primrose blooming in shady areas. This delicate flower "blushes" from bright white to soft pink after it has been pollinated by hungry hawkmoths or busy bees. (photo by Ranger Tim Hopp)

Mar 30, 2015 Rick and Margarita report: Rick and Margarita report: Saturday the 28th from the I-15 / US93 junction to Morman Well Rd. is very nice right now. Lots of flowers line the road. Prickly poppy, globe mallow, desert marigold, cactus. Leaving 93 and proceeding half way up Morman Well road is very very nice. LOTS of globe mallow. In fact, globe mallow absolutely dominates everywhere. Great year for them. More Marigold, cactus, phacelia, early indigo bush, and a small yeallow ground flower. Last half of road up to the top very very few flowers. It is very dry and hot. Won't last much longer.

Mar 29. 2015 Eric reports: Saturday, March 28th at Red Rock Canyon State Park. Off State Hwy 14 inside Red Rock Canyon in the Ricardo Campground. The orange wildflowers were seen on the West side of Hwy 14 just south of Red Rock Canyon Park. The Ricardo Campground is next to the Visitor Center inside the park.

The Park Ranger reported good wildflowers next to Tamarisk Grove, but we found that not to be true. The blue lupines—which were growing around the grove--have gone to seed.

Mar 26. 2015 Paul reports: No photos just many flowers on North Shore Road at Lake Mead today March 27, 2015. There are flowers all over however in the area from Red Stone to Rogers Springs they are profuse.Please tell us where and when you took your photos.

Mar 26. 2015 Beverly reports: Road to Willow Springs in Red Rock Conservation outside Lass Vegas.



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