Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

Hohokam Ruins

For more than a thousand years, prehistoric farmers inhabited much of present-day southern Arizona. When the first Europeans arrived, all that remained of the ancient cultures were the ruins of villages, irrigation canals and various artifacts.

In 1694, Father Eusebio Francisco Kino described his visit to Casa Grande, or "Big House," as a 4-story structure built by the Hohokam in the mid-1300s. Constructed with layers of caliche mud, the walls of the tower are 4 1/2 feet thick at the base. This mysterious structure, with holes in 3 walls, is believed to have been used for astronomical observation. Casa Grande is the largest structure built by the Hohokam and represents the height of their architecture.

Casa Grande Ruins, the nation's first archeological preserve, protects the Casa Grande and other archeological sites within its boundaries, including remains of a walled village near the Big House and vestiges of other villages nearby. More on the Hohokam

General Information

Rates & Fees

Entrance Fee: $5.00 per person, Children 15 and under are admitted free. Annual Pass, Senior Pass, Access Pass and Volunteer Pass cards are honored.

Seasons / Hours

Open every day of the year, except Thanksgiving Day and December 25th.

Visitor Center

Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


The Visitor Center maintains an information counter, a museum exhibit area, a book store, a public phone, rest rooms and drinking fountains,

Programs & Events
There are regularly scheduled guided tours from January through April. Advance-requested guided tours are provided for school and tour groups during the rest of the year but are dependent on staff availability. There is a Junior Ranger activities booklet (sales item) which can be completed for a Junior Ranger badge. Also available are school pre-visit packets for educators.

Special archeological tours are offered during March --Arizona State Archeology Month. On National Parks Day, August 25, entrance fees are waived. During Native American Month in November, special events are held throughout the local area. Special tours and events are occasionally offered through a permit system. Call for further information.

There are no food services or supplies in the Monument, but all food and supplies are available in Coolidge.

All facilities and the Ruins Trail are fully accessible.


Casa Grand Ruins National Monument is almost midway between Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona near Interestates 8 and 10.


This is desert country. Summer daytime temperatures may exceed 100 degrees. Winter temperatures range from the 60s to the 80s. Spring and fall are warm and dry, with highs in the 80's and 90's. During summer months, be prepared for hot temperatures. Protective clothing, hats, sunscreen and personal water containers are highly recommended.

Getting There

The park is in Coolidge, Arizona, about an hour drive from either Phoenix or Tucson. From Interstate 10, take the Coolidge exits and follow the signs to the park entrance at Arizona Routes 87 and 287.

Bus, air and train services are available to Phoenix and Tucson.

Things To Do

The Visitor Center and parking lot are located at the end of a 7/8-mile paved entrance road. The site is fully accessible with level, paved and packed-dirt surfaces. From the Visitor Center there is a 300-yard, self-guided walking trail around the ruins with wayside signs provided.

There is a picnic area with covered and uncovered tables, and drinking water is available.

Camping & Lodging

Hotels/Motels There are hotels and motels in Phoenix, with something for every taste and price range. For more information and a complete list. Click Here. (Rates, availability and reservation online)

Camping & RV Parks

There are no lodging or camping facilities at the Monument. Lodging and RV/camping facilities are available in nearby Coolidge and the surrounding area.

There are no lodging or camping facilities at the Monument. Lodging and RV/camping facilities are available in nearby Coolidge and the surrounding area.

Precautions, Rules, Regulations

It is the visitor's responsibility to know and obey park rules. Regulations are designed for visitors' protection and to protect natural resources.

1100 Ruins Drive
Coolidge, Arizona 85228
fax: 520-723-7209

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