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DesertUSA is a comprehensive resource providing information about the North American deserts and Southwest destinations. Learn about desert biomes while you discover fascinating details about how desert plants and animals learn to adapt to the harsh desert environment. The home page is updated each week on Friday. Many DesertUSA visitors bookmark this page in their browser.

Places To Go
If you are planning a trip or would like to learn more about the parks, cities, recreational areas and points of interest in the desert, Places To Go is a great starting point. Here you will explore parks, discover ghost towns, navigate rivers, visit cities, and view historical and cultural sites located in the desert. If you are gathering information for an upcoming trip, make sure to confirm times, dates and rates with individual parks etc., since any information could change without notice.

Things To Do
If you are inspired by adventure and outdoor activities, DesertUSA's Things To Do section will appeal to you. Things To Do offers an overview of desert recreational activities, including camping, hiking, biking, horseback riding, climbing, walking, auto tours, bird watching and various water activities. Rockhounding, prospecting and off-roading are also featured, with detailed information and maps for each location included in the section.

The Desert
One of the great mysteries of the desert is how such a profusion of life has been able to adapt to such an extreme environment. The Desert contains information about the desert itself, as well as the life forms that inhabit it -- animals, plants and people. Adaptation, desertification, and survival are a few of the intriguing topics discussed in this section of DesertUSA.

Desert Forums
Here's a place to communicate with other people about the desert. Desert Forums contains all kinds of posts about desert animals, places to go, treasure hunting, rock hounding, ohv activity and more! Please feel free to read, register, and submit your own!

Desert Talk
The desert may seem like a quiet, lonely place, but if you listen closely you will hear an entire community. Desert Talk contains stories and photos submitted by our readers. Please feel free to submit your own!

Desert Store
When visiting DesertUSA don't forget to stock up on supplies and gifts at the virtual Trading Post. The Desert Store is an online store where you can purchase books, maps, gear, gifts and other necessities. DesertUSA's store is located on a secure server, so don't be shy -- load up your shopping cart, and be well prepared when you head out for the trails.

Use the DesertUSA search engine to quickly and easily search the entire DesertUSA web site. Enter your search query into the box on the upper right column of every web page. By entering key words or phrases you can quickly search all of the content contained in DesertUSA.

Take a look at DesertUSA’s video section. These short videos cover a wide variety of subjects, ranging from colorful characters of the west to fascinating plants, places and geologic processes.

Follow Us
DesertUSA is available across many media formats. We twitter, blog and facebook. Check out this subscription page for details!

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Site Guide
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One of the most useful features on DesertUSA are its maps. DesertUSA contains a number of different types of desert maps, including those reproduced from original U.S. Government publications, such as park brochures and circulars, which are public domain. Some of these maps are enhanced with icons, colors, and other graphics to increase readability. Digital West Media, Inc. d.b.a. DesertUSA cannot be responsible for any inaccuracies or errors in the maps contained on this web site or in any other version distributed by DesertUSA. It is up to you to verify that the information contained on the maps is correct and accurate.

Hotel Reservations
You can make reservations anywhere in the world using our system. Many special rates are available.

The folks here at DesertUSA enjoy hearing from visitors, and especially appreciate your suggestions for new content and comments regarding existing pages. We also like to hear how you are using the information on DesertUSA and what you've enjoyed most about your visit. We encourage your feedback and look forward to your ideas on how we can improve DesertUSA. Send feedback to DesertUSA. (If your email program is not connected to your broswer, this link will not work; please use the instructions in the next paragraph.) Letters, feedback and comments sent via e-mail, fax, or standard mail are assumed to be intended for publication and may be so used in print or digital format. Thanks.

Email to and put DesertUSA feedback in as the subject. Because of the amount of junk mail DesertUSA receives (2000+ emails daily) please do not change the subject on your email to us. We use this subject to make sure we are able to spot your email. You can add to the subject line if you like, but be sure DesertUSA is at the beginning of the subject.

Additional Tips

Submitting Content to DesertUSA

If you would like to submit an article, story or personal adventure to DesertUSA for possible publication, you can do so by following the guidelines listed on the Content Submission page. DesertUSA reserves the right to refuse any content submitted. Manuscripts and content are not acknowledged or returned unless accompanied by self-addressed return envelope with proper postage attached. No responsibility is assumed for unsolicited contributions. Email to use subject DesertUSA.



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Site Index
The DesertUSA site Index is located below. The Site Index is an outline of all sections of DesertUSA. It provides an overview of the entire site at a glance. Many DesertUSA visitors bookmark this in their Web browser so they can quickly navigate from here to their favorite locations within DesertUSA.

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