Calico Days Sept. 28th & 29th, 2013

Last weekend in September.

Calico Ghost town awakens the imagination. It’s part fun and part history and Calico Days is the perfect time to make a visit to the old mining town.
The two-day event the weekend of September 28 & 29 – 2013 will include a wide number of activities and shows for folks of all ages. Everything from Burro Races to the Frying Pan Toss. Clog dancers and living history re-enactors will be there showing off their skills. In addition to the special events, the normal activities and areas of Calico will be open. 
People are invited to join in the Horseshoe Pitch, Egg-throwing Contest and the Nickel in the Haystack Hunt for the kids. Or pan for gold, stamp your own leather or maybe ride in a stagecoach.
I can’t decide which event I liked best, whether it was the Burro Run, which is part of the Miners’ Triathlon or the little kids hunting for nickels in a bunch of hay. Something about those guys trying to pull a burro where the burro didn’t want to go — like across a ditch full of water — was pretty funny. Mud everywhere and folks standing around laughing.


Burros were used to carry miners’ tools and supplies in the long-gone glory days and miners had to walk leading them by a rope when the load got heavy. If two or more miners found silver they would race each other to town to be first to stake their claim. The Calico Days Burro Race commemorates this activity.
calico-cowboy-characters Calico-gunfighter_2
The Miner’s Triathlon kicks-off Sunday at 11:00 a.m. with the Burro Run, the Rock Pull at noon and Muck Raking at 1:00 p.m. In this context I am going to say “muckraking” literally means mucking (removing) with a rake – the muck being dirt or dung.
Another fun event to watch is the bubble gum blowing contest. What a mess when the bubble stretches to its bursting point!
The big and colourful Calico Days Parade is on Main Street, Saturday at noon. There is a costume contest with splendid outfits, some with exquisite details and fabrics. Others are a little more tattered in keeping with the mining town theme. All are designed to look as realistic as possible.
The Calico Parade Awards will be at the Reviewing Stand: Main Street Stage, at 2:00 p.m.
In front of the Calico House there will be Gunfight Exhibitions and quaint old-time characters can be found all around town making for great photo opportunities!
Calico Ghost Town, located in Yermo, CA approximately 10 miles north of Barstow off I-15 and Ghost Town Road, was designated California’s Official State Silver Rush Ghost Town in 2005 by Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger. Mines at Calico are extremely hazardous and must not be approached for any reason.  Due to the historic nature of the town, not all areas are ADA accessible.


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