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  • Emily’s favorite tune

    Emily’s favorite tune

    emily’s favorite tune on the diner’s jukebox was “i am calling you” from the cult movie “bagdad cafe.” “A desert road from vegas to nowhere some place better than where you’ve been A coffee machine that needs some fixing In a little cafe just around the bend I am calling you Can’t you hear me […]

  • Tom and His Dogs

    Tom and His Dogs

    owned by the larger-than-life personality of tom lewis, tom’s welding is one of the must-see attractions of barstow; the shop is known world wide for the thousands of artifacts from america’s early love affair with the automobile and the railroad. a denny’s sign, each and every one of the state route 66 signs, gas station […]

  • Equines Retire with Grace and Dignity

    Equines Retire with Grace and Dignity

    Standing peacefully around the paddock, basking in the sun and the admiring stares of visitors, you don’t see the dynamic energy of a Thoroughbred. But when they get a little frisky you can sense their enormous power as muscles bunch, necks arch and manes fly. You can imagine them charging out of the gate — […]

  • Too much thinking going on

    Too much thinking going on

    Here it is almost 3 O’dark in the morning and I am still awake. “Why?” you may ask. “I am thinking,” I say. One of my friends says I think too much. I think she is right, because right now thinking is keeping me awake. I am thinking about the recent story I read about […]

  • Cars cannot swim

    Cars cannot swim

    I went to Afton Canyon recently to shoot the Cliffside Mine and other parts of the canyon for the main part of this story. My friend and I had made the initial Mojave River crossing dozens of times. This time the water looked deeper than usual and I wanted to get out and check it […]

  • Drivin’ along in my automobile

    Drivin’ along in my automobile

    Driving the freeway gives me a nice view of life in the fast lane, as I am always watching people in addition to watching the road. Around here it seems people are pretty good drivers, except for the occasional speeder who can’t read and thinks the speed limit signs say 90 mph instead of 70. […]

  • Gifts from the Universe

    Gifts from the Universe

    Have you ever seen something unexpected that just makes you smile, or “cry for happy?” Something that elevates your spirits when perhaps they were in the dumps? I call those things “gifts from the Universe.” When I was lunching in Boron a while back there was a birthday party going on at the Barrel — […]

  • poor poor walter the car

    poor poor walter the car

    this is my car. this is my car sitting by the side of the road. this is my car sitting by the side of the road where she simply gave up —100 miles from home. i do not know what it is about that magic number, 100 miles from home, but whenever she has dumped […]

  • Cooking — or not

    Cooking — or not

    I am not much of a chef. Heck, I am not much of a cook and I sure as heck would not make it as a short-order cook at the famous Bagdad Cafe out on Route 66. “Tell me again, what is ‘Sh*t on a Shingle?’” What got me thinking about cooking today? Costco. Yes, […]

  • Flutterby extraordinary

    Flutterby extraordinary

    Butterfly magic means we can all be joyful children again — standing face-to-face with a colourful monarch in wide-eyed wonder. Or perhaps with a large, black pipevine swallowtail with showy spots on its wings that look like orange eyes. Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden’s new butterfly pavilion is the perfect place to introduce children and […]