Recruitment poster for park rangers. Design: BLM

The BLM’s El Centro Field Office staff was on hand to recruit potential park and law enforcement rangers at Imperial Valley College’s Career Expo 2012 on Thursday, April 19. The career expo targets students enrolled in the applied sciences, including Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Law Enforcement. Over the past several years, Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area staff have partnered with the college to provide training scenarios of emergency medical responses in the dunes. Paramedic students from the college visit the dunes and run through scenarios intended to educate them on the challenges of field EMS. Because of this association, the career expo and recruitment effort are a perfect fit for the office.

Park and law enforcement rangers distributed recruitment cards and information on how to pursue and obtain careers with the federal government. Emergency response vehicles and equipment enhanced the display, and gave students an up-close look at the tools used to get the job done. Students were also informed of the various student programs available, alternate avenues to eventually land a full time position. Recruitment efforts also support the agency’s initiative to get young people both working and recreating in America’s Great Outdoors.

Students enrolled in high school, vocational and technical schools, colleges and universities should contact the El Centro Field Office if they are interested in participating in student programs. Resumes are now being accepted for a variety of positions, including biologists, archaeologists, realty specialists, law enforcement and park rangers, etc. For more information on student career programs, please visit or contact Michelle Puckett at 760-337-4440 or

– Joya Szalwinski, interpretive park ranger, Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area/BLM El Centro Field Office (April 30, 2012)