This is the blog that keeps on giving, it was intended as a one time story. Just like life, a blog can have many twists and turns.  This blog series is one of my most read that I have had the pleasure of doing for DesertUSA, alas, I thought it was over but it is not over yet.

This is my 5th blog about the Death of Gram Parsons. The 1st blog I wrote was general information about the story. The 2nd blog was about having the chance to meet Phil Kaufman at Pappy and Harriet’s in Pioneertown. My 3rd blog was about my adventure to find the exact spot of Gram’s cremation. My 4th blog was about taking Phil to the spot that I found.


So what could this 5th blog be about?  How about the one and only scholar of what really happened in 1973, Phil Kaufman giving tours of the Gram Parsons events in the Joshua Tree area, the Tour is called PILGRAMAGE.

Sounds like alot of fun and very informative for all Gram fans.  This is the flyer for PILGRAMAGE and if you want to read my previous “Mojo on the Mojave” blog posts about Gram and Phil, you will find them below.  Don’t forget the 44th anniversary of Gram’s death is September 19, 2017, you can here the events that happened 44 years ago first hand from 82 year old Phil, he is quite the gentleman and a pleasure to be around.


Here are the four previous blog links:

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Take It Easy – Mojave






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For the purposes of this blog I call myself Mojave because of my love for the Mojave Desert. I have lived in the Yucca Valley area of the Hi-Desert since 1976, I have always loved our Mojave Desert. My appreciation for the Mojave has grown even more over the years. I am a Career & Technical Education teacher and coordinator at the high school level as well as a part-time college instructor. I also served on the Town of Yucca Valley Planning Commission for 5 years and am a current Town Councilman. In my spare time I enjoy researching desert facts, exploring the desert, geocaching and enjoying the many animals that keep my wife and I very busy.


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