The Mojave Desert is the home to many talented folks, some of whom are photographers.  Luckily for me one of them lives just up the road from my house.  Her name is Julianne Koza and her photography can be breathtaking as you will see in this blog.  Being a great photographer not only takes talent it also takes patience, knowledge and the luck of being in the right place at the right time.

Julianne has been taking pictures ever since she ordered her first camera out of the back of a comic book.  For all of the photographers out there, she now uses a Sony 550DSLR.  She also carries a Panasonic Lumex pocket camera in her purse at all times for those unexpected opportunities.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words then these 44 photographs represent a 44,000 plus word blog. The pictures have Julianne’s description under them, click on the picture to see it enlarged — enjoy… (Note hit your back button to return to this page.)

To email Julianne click on this link:

Take It Easy – Mojave

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For the purposes of this blog I call myself Mojave because of my love for the Mojave Desert. I have lived in the Yucca Valley area of the Hi-Desert since 1976, I have always loved our Mojave Desert. My appreciation for the Mojave has grown even more over the years. I was a Career & Technical Education teacher and coordinator at the high school level for 25 years. In 2018 I was hired as a Job Developer as well as a part-time college instructor at Copper Mountain College. I also served on the Town of Yucca Valley Planning Commission for 5 years and am a current elected Town Councilman and serve as the Mayor Pro-Tem. In my spare time I enjoy researching desert facts, exploring the desert, geocaching and enjoying the many animals that keep my wife and I very busy. My wife and I also run "Tres Burros Ranch" an Airbnb Vacation Rental in The Mojave Desert (Yucca Valley) where our guests get a up close and personal "Burro Encounter". This is the link to our Tres Burros Vacation Rental: or our Facebook Page:


  1. Hi Jeff, Thanks for sharing Julianne’s photographs. They are amazing!

    I moved one of the photos into the featured slider on the page. We are doing a redesign on the site, so it will change a bit more before we are done!



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