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Prepare for a busy Memorial Day Weekend at Zion National Park

National Park Service begins full, expanded summer shuttle service and may temporarily limit vehicle entry to reduce crowding and congestion on especially busy days

It’s the start of the summer season, and there is never a bad time to visit Zion. If you plan to travel to the park during Memorial Day Weekend, the National Park Service (NPS) wants you to know what to expect. Zion recorded more than 96,000 visits over Memorial Day Weekend in 2023. More than half of all national park sites – more than 230 – recorded fewer than 96,000 visits in all of 2023. 

The NPS anticipates: 

  • Long lines at entrance stations, visitor centers, restrooms, and at trailheads. 
  • Lengthy waits to board park shuttles in Springdale and Zion National Park. 
  • Intermittent, temporary closures at the park’s east and south vehicle entrance stations. 
  • Heavy traffic in Springdale and throughout the park. 

“Pack your patience,” Jonathan Shafer, park spokesperson said. “We want you to enjoy your visit, and we want to be realistic about what to expect. Be prepared to see lots of other people, and be aware that parking usually fills early in the day. We may temporarily limit vehicle entry to reduce crowding and traffic congestion, and the park pedestrian and bicycle entrance will remain open throughout the weekend.” 

Zion 2024 Memorial Weekend Tips
Trail bridge at Zion Lodge closed
The trail bridge over the Virgin River at Zion Lodge (Shuttle Stop #5) is closed. Hikers can still visit Emerald Pools from the Grotto (Shuttle Stop #6). Check a map before you start your hike to plan accordingly. Keep in mind that you will not be able to cross the river at Zion Lodge (Shuttle Stop #5). 

Check the forecast before hiking the Narrows
Check the flow rate prior to hiking the Narrows and make sure to bring the proper equipment. 

Angels Landing Pilot Permit Program
Remember to apply the day before for a permit to hike to Angels Landing. Everyone needs to have a permit, and you need to bring ID to show a ranger along with your permit. You may encounter a ranger anywhere on the trail or the route with chains. Arrive early so that you do not miss the hike start time on your permit. 

Take advantage of the park shuttle
The Zion Canyon Shuttle System recently moved to its full, summer schedule. Park in Springdale and take advantage of the free, Springdale Line Shuttle to avoid traffic inside Zion and enter through the pedestrian and bicycle entrance. 

Getting around
For non-recreational drivers, the best way through the park is to go around the park. There will likely be heavy traffic all weekend, and there may be times when through-travel is delayed for long periods of time. 
If you need to travel through the area during the holiday weekend and you do not plan to recreate in the park, consider alternate routes such as: 

  • Utah 20. 
  • Utah 14. 
  • US 89 – Arizona 389 – Utah 59. 

Recreate Responsibly

  • Become a Junior Ranger! Learning about the park is always in season, and junior rangers can help plan trips with Junior Ranger Explorer materials. 
  • Be patient with rangers and other visitors. Busy weekends can be stressful, and we need your help to make sure everyone enjoys their national park visit. 
  • Be careful with fire in campgrounds or picnic areas due to hot and dry conditions 
  • Drink plenty of water and watch for signs of heat stress. 
  • Park only in designated parking areas. Illegally parked vehicles can harm park plants and animals, and may be ticketed or towed. 
  • Pack it In – Pack it Out. Take everything you bring into the park out again. This helps protect plants, animals, and historic resources and reduces the amount of trash NPS staff need to manage. 
  • Go Before You Go. Use restrooms at trailheads and shuttle stops before venturing out on trails. 

Learn more about summer operations in Zion National Park, check our social media and visit our website for the latest park information.

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